Twin Pregnancy Requires Care Doubled

Meet the main risks to which pregnant women are exposed and learn how to maintain a healthy pregnancy

It’s not only after birth that the mom of twins get double duty – but it is worth remembering that the joys also come in double dose. During a multiple pregnancy, she must devote even more attention to their health and the ferns than women who carry only a baby in the womb. This pregnant woman presents a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and placenta detachment.

In pregnancy with twins, there is also the risk of a prematurebirth occurs. “The possibility of prematurity is the most worrying factor, because the uterine volume is double, the trend is for the uterus to interpret that is ready for the birth ahead of time,” says the doctor who specializes in human reproduction and Maternity Hospital São Luiz, Arnaldo Cambiaghi.

The prenatal care should be strictly controlled in order to assess and measure the thickness of the cervix to prevent the babies arrive before the right time. In case of early expansion, which can also involve a premature birth, the laboratory examination of fetal fibronectin-what should be done at five months gestation-can identify.

“If there are signs of preterm labor, you can perform a procedure called cerclage, a surgical procedure that closes the cervix, preventing expansion,” says the A2zdirectory.

The gestation of twins also demand that mom do ultrasound every 15 days, from the 24 weeks of pregnancy (or six months) in order to identify the growth of ferns and check the blood flow through the placenta to prevent complications, since two babies are sharing the same space. To make a comparison, an ultrasound every month is enough for the pregnancy of a single baby.

Although the complications of multiple pregnancies are not related only with the behaviour (or misbehaviour) of the mother during the nine months, to minimize these complications, pregnant women should do follow-up with obstetrician since when discover the pregnancy. But, if there are any problems during the following months, the treatment will be suitable for the type of problem, some can be treated with medication and others may require hospitalization.

The caesarean birth is more suitable for the woman who is pregnant with twins. However, if your baby is upside down-and only in this condition you can do natural childbirth. Even so, probably, one of the babies will not be in the correct position, but there are healthy ways to pull it off, which happens about of 10 minutes after the first. There is the option of making first the natural childbirth and cesarean section, especially when the contractions of the uterus after birth of first child are insufficient for release Monday.