“Tweet” Comes to the Dictionary

There are many dictionaries out there, but few have the recognition of the public and scholars in linguistics. The Merriam-Webster, one of those recognized dictionaries, is a new wave of updates the entries it offers. And it is not that Twitter became responsible for adding a new term, which shall be understood as a formal word for the dictionary? Guess what’s the word “tweet”.

The chief editor of the Merriam-Webster said that only one criterion is used to define what goes into the dictionary : the use made ​​of the terms. But neither is it an activity without any liability. He also states that you have to wait a while for the use and understanding of a new term to stabilize and can, then yes, enter the dictionary.

At the site of Merriam-Webster’s second definition for “tweet” (noun) is not exactly the most philosophical or complex, “a post made ​​on the online messaging service Twitter.”Note that they also use post, word gained notoriety with the arrival of blogs.

And also has the word “tweet”, which means the act of “publishing a post on the online messaging service Twitter.” The staff of the Merriam-Webster is well even moderninho…

Another recent term is “crowdsourcing,” which has earned a special feature here on TB to explain what is written by expert Rafael Zatti.

In total, 150 new words are coming to the best – selling dictionary of the United States. Technology, the most important are apparently “tweet” and “crowdsourcing”. Now we need the Brazilians lexicographers decide whether the right is “tweeting”, “tweet” or who knows what variation. Here in TB we have adopted the first option for now.