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Hi, Patrician. I saw that turtle necks are fashionable and appearing for everything! Loved it! But is there how to use in the summer? – Maria de Lurdes-Porto Alegre

Hello, Maria! All right? Actually, the turtlenecks, known outside like turtlenecks, remain among the main trends to appear in fashion weeks. In fact, the neck’s been well recently, or better, well hidden by collars, necklaces, chokers, headbands or scarves.

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To answer your question: Yes, it is possible to use a turtleneck in the summer! Obviously, they still warm more than low-cut options. But it is possible to mount looks beautiful with the higher collars for hot days. The first tip is to invest in parts with lightweight fabrics, preferably with a natural origin, such as cotton. These options allow the skin to “breathe” and retain less heat. As for the model, the best are the cavadas sleeves. Light tube dresses or sleeveless cropped tops and turtlenecks are super trendy and leave the sleek time.

A good trick is the high-style fashion hair tuck. Huh? The term in English designed last year looks complicated, but it means leaving your hair up in turtlenecks to keep a visual of the catwalk. Celebrities love, how about trying?