Tunics in XXL Size

Women of stature like tunics! You flatter the figure and wipe out some pounds in the blink of an eye. Light and airy, patterned or plain, short or long, and also formally tunics in large sizes are universally applicable in precious materials with precious stones and embroidery. For tunics in XXL, it should not be to much fabric. The seat on the shoulders is especially important for large sizes. To perfect the overall appearance, is the length of the tunic in proportion to the size of the body. On which occasion particularly suited tunics in XXL?

On the beach and in the casual recreation area a tunic is long natural piece of clothing. The combination of a tunic with narrow pants, leggings or Jeggings is ideal.

Tunics in XXL Size

The material can be transparent and flowing. Floral, batik, embroidery, linen and cotton are the Favorites here. Imaginative accessories make the eye-catcher on the beach tunics in XXL. The super woman in a tunic is well prepared for a trip to the beach bar.

Party and events, theatre, dinner in restaurant or other formal occasions offer more ways to wear tunics in XXL. Materials made of silk and fine wool qualities, all flowing materials without pattern suited here. By choosing lush necklaces, earrings and bracelets, an impressive work of art is from simple tunics in large sizes.

In professional life with formal dress code, tunics in XXL also have space. The perfect cut power from the seat. The material must be high quality. Playful details and patterns are however taboo. A blazer or a vest gives the serious touch of the tunic. The length of tunics in XXL exceeds the length of the blazers in XXL. West may be shorter. Basically, jewelry is allowed. It should be not too rich. Combined with a business pants, emerges as a unique outfit with judicious demeanor.

Inspiration for the various styles of tunics in XXL can be found in the Asian fashion. Super women underline it with a pronounced waistline with fashionable belts or towels. In addition to narrow pants, leggings and Jeggings, long skirts and harem trousers as combination partner are suitable. Everything is a matter of proportion!