Trial Period Temporary

All good things are three-to the disappointing model SGH-F700 Qbowl and SGH-F490 Samsung’s manages to present a viable iPhone competitor in the SGH-F480.

Trial Period Temporary

Elegant appearance, compact design, intuitive user interface – Samsung will start to push the third launch of the Apple iPhone from the mobile throne with the SGH-F480.Better multimedia capabilities, better data and messaging features, and in particular a more favorable price offered already Qbowl and F490. The F480 iPhone attacks but now his Prime discipline-the intuitive touch screen operation.

Here, the Apple phone was previously absolute Primus in the concert of the major cell phone manufacturers. With the new user interface, it creates Samsung TouchWiz to the Apple phone to pass, and how do 5-mega pixel camera, browser and co. in the test? We have the answers…

Note: Since November 2009, there is a new edition of the F480: the Samsung SGH-F480i is equipped with a new chip set, which will be responsible for longer battery life.In addition, the improved user interface supposedly ensures a more comfortable handling. A test by the F480i is currently not planned, however, advise how to buy access to the newer model. The Samsung F480i is there in the Price comparison from 170 euros. (Status: December 2009)

Facilities: No Wi-Fi

Up on the missing Wi-Fi receiver there is nothing on the facilities of the SGH-F480.

Phone functions
First and foremost – the Samsung SGH-F480 is not a business phone. It does not have voice dialing and voice command or a large contacts store. At 1,000 phone book entries, deadline is 500 of saved SMS and 240 calendar entries. Nevertheless the basic features can be found in the tri-band phone with voice recorder, calendar, calculator, to-do list and six environment profiles.

Data functions
The F480 is suitable thanks to HSDPA in phase III (up to 7.2 Mbps) for fast mobile Internet connections. The Samsung phone needed for the full development of the Xonio homepage scarce 20 seconds – a decent value. Why, the South Koreans have provided no Wi-Fi receiver, us remains a mystery. After all: Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP) and USB 2.0, you make contact with other devices. A map for the integrated memory slot, the microSDHC cards up to a maximum of 8 GB swallows, not one way unclear included. So the internal memory mine is limited to 240 MByte – a bit poorly, as we.

Who wants to transfer files from the computer to the mobile or vice versa, must install the USB driver or insert a memory card into the phone. Without them, our XP test computer as an external drive did not recognize the SGH-F480. The transfer of data is carried out quickly and without problems – our test-MP3 (3 MB) was only a second on the memory card.

The 5-megapixel digital camera of the F480 offers fine facilities, including with auto focus, image stabilizer, ISO settings, white balance and smile shot, and face detection. This function detects the camera smiling faces in the field of vision, focus and automatically triggers – this worked well in the test. The ShoZU client allows you to send pictures at the touch of a button on the blogging portals of you can trust. The picture quality could also convince us as you can see in our photo gallery. Less well we liked the video function of the mobile – the moving images (resolution: 320 x 240 pixels) are shaky and blurred.

The MP3 player easy to use in the test, however, left a good impression. The sound from the little big headphones from went totally in order, for more variety of sound are also some presets to choose from. The facilities include also an FM radio with RDS function.

Practice: New Ease Of Use

Samsung can convince new TouchWiz user interface and the Apple iPhone is powerful

Facts & figures
Samsung’s F480 has 98 x 55 x 12 mm compact dimensions. The high-quality mobile is very smooth in your hand and fits easily in any trouser or shirt pocket.Also a chic leather pouch is included with the phones, that you engage as a type o Bowl in the battery cover.The felt inside of the cases protect the touch screen from scratches and dust and transformed the F480 opened almost inadvertently in a clamshell phone of kind of. The touchscreen phone on a proud weight of 119 grams (without 103 grams) comes with leather case.

The cumbersome bar user interface of models F700 and F490 is the past-with the new user interface TouchWiz managed the Koreans a great success: the operation is much more intuitive, also gets the user with the new The home screen Widget, select interface-free design possibilities. So you can pull twelve widgets by analog clock image gallery with drag and drop on your home screen or even disappear in the background with TouchWiz. Not so nice: According to Samsung there will be no way for the SGH-F480, to download more widgets on an update to the mobile phone.

The 2.8-inch touch-intensive touchscreen responds with tactile vibrating feedback really very sensitive finger commands, unlike as with the predecessors of the F480.Only when the scroll mechanism it gets stuck: in the menu list of the fingers is usually faster than the beams, which he often wasn’t there stops, where he actually there should. In the browser, you need more than a move to look at the entire page.We also sorely miss the multi touch feature known from the iPhone, a motion sensor, and a virtual QWERTY keyboard for writing assignments.

In the battery test with full GSM transmitter power, the F480 reached only an average value with just over three hours of talk time. Better, the latest addition to Samsung in the acoustic test is suggested. Festival Web page as well as on the phone our tester had to suspend little. The speaker, however, slight rumble and noise had effect.

Conclusion: Catching Up Samsung

Good facilities, sophisticated design, superb craftsmanship and a good operating concept – Samsung puts a big exclamation mark with the SGH-F480.The autocracy of Apple in front panel and cult status could be seriously threatened… .

because not much to the Apple to overthrow the throne of touch screen iPhone is truly missing the F480. With # 23 on our mobile leaderboard (level: 3. June 08) Samsung touch phone long before the iPhone is. Up on the missing Wi-Fi receiver’s has an extensive 5-mega pixel camera and data Turbo HSDPA, FM radio with a removable memory up to 8 GBFacilities. Not to forget: the SGH-F480 comes without SIM-lock and is therefore free for all SIM cards.

In the Practice can collect points vigorously Samsung with the new TouchWiz user interface.The menu is over the times opaque bar menu as Qbowl and F490, thanks to TouchWiz now intuitive and comfortable. The user customizable widget home page could also convince. Only the hakelnde scroll, which was sorely missing virtual QWERTY keyboard and the multi touch feature of à la Apple iPhone to complain about it. The Samsung SGH-F480 for around 380 euros is in our price comparison.

Are you more on Windows Mobile? You do not want elegant design, big equipment and touchscreen but? Then you should check out theHTC Touch Diamond with Windows Mobile 6.1 even look at. It offers HSDPA and WiFi, and even a GPS receiver has integrated.