Trendy Color Schemes for Homes

Want to get some color in your home? This article tells you all about trendy colors 2016. The new trend color “Teal”. Teal is a combination of deep blue and green hues. The color stands for balance, tranquility, sophistication and versatility. The trend color can combine well with wood, shades of pink and yellow ocher. In addition to the new color development, there are five trends in terms of colors. In the article, the five trends discussed below. Get inspired and get creative in 2016.

Silent revolution

The first trend involves simplicity and subtle colors. Within this trend, you see a lot of white and natural shades. It is not about cool shades of white, but shades with a warm undertone. The intention is that the colors have a calming effect. This effect may be enhanced if you combine colors with natural materials. The idea behind this trend is the transition from extroverted to introverted. Do not you want something more, but pay attention to your décor.

Margin proof

The second trend involves a “male” image. The trend consists of natural colors and strong colors for accent. Consider, for example emerald green. The colors red, yellow and blue are options. Think of scarlet, yellow ocher and turquoise. Within this trend there is a graphical appearance. The underlying idea is the speed of life. The pressure to be the best and also have a good balance between work and family. The colors are particularly well combined with dark wood, marble, cork and concrete.

Urban folk

The third trend is composed of rich, warm tones. The idea of wall decoration at is tradition, family feeling and the feeling of being together. Within this trend, we see vibrant, happy colors. The intention is to create harmony by using colors from the same family. For example, eggplant and burgundy. Want to add a personal touch to the whole instead choose a nice color contrast. The trend actually goes back to the past, but in a modern way. Combine this trend with silk and other fabrics.

Secret garden

The fourth trend is made of soft purple, gray and green tones. Romance and mystery are the theme words. The trend consists of pastel shades of smoky tones. Inspiration for this color palette is magic and mystery in the early morning light of the approaching dusk. The trend is to combine with semi-transparent materials. These include voile, lace and frosted glass.

Do it now

The fifth and final trend is a colorful mix of bright colors. The idea behind this overwhelming trend is that you can only do something just because you feel like it. First and then think instead of vice versa. As for the colors you need to consider a combination of bright yellows, blues, hard green, purple, bright orange or lime. Energetic colors that you can do anything. Although the curse of contrasts. Good to combine with plywood, plywood or veneer.

Getting started with color

You are inspired and want it as quickly as possible to get started. But how do you do it? How do you do so that it does not lead to disappointment.
For starters, you need to choose the color, or trend that you want to work. To make a good choice, it is important that you collect pictures. This is done not by thinking, but your feelings. Find artwork of colors that appeal to you. You can collect images from magazines, but you can also do it digitally, of course.
Then you have to decide where you want to apply the color. Here you have some options. You are subtly work then bring color through accessories. Note pads or light. So you bring color into your home without much change. You can find a little bit of change can not be as bad as you think to give the walls a color. You can think of painting, but also to wallpaper. And remember what color you want to do. You want to make all the walls or just a wall. Do you want to deal with the walls, but you can not think in their entirety to a colored surface or a paint job on the wall. And finally, if you are ready for total change, choose a style that suits the color palette that you have chosen. Do not just take in hand the walls but also take new furniture which you will get back the color. And then finally do it with accessories.