Trends Summer 2011: Pink Shoes FIuò

The trends for the ‘summer 2011 begin to come out and explode in the newspapers, in blogs, on the street and even in the office! Certainly divide the minds of the shoe trend fluò pink, pink shocks rests on our shoes and shines our legs! Sure it’s not you can always wear these shoes but I think that one of the prerequisites for being trendy and fashionable is a bit ‘chutzpah … well it also takes this to show off the fuchsia shoes, right?

Pink is a color very loved by women and that, in some way also reveals a bit ‘of our character.You are chicks from powder pink, candy pink, dusty rose, pink or pink Barbie fluò?

What is certain that the rose must have spring summer 2011 is to fluò, exaggerated, flashy and cocky that is going to put on sandals, on heeled, on wedges, on and on heeled boots, but also luck on sneakers and ballerinas!

If you want to ride the trends of the season, do not overdo it, you can bet on the little formula: simple models + bright colors at the blog.

So that is, choose low sandals, flats, flip flops or sneakers even daring colors!

You who are your intentions? pink shoes fluò you, or not?