Trends East Pack for This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

East Pack perhaps not a reference brand in the world of the national fashion, but outside our borders is a brand to take into account and not only by their complements (backpacks, wallets and travel bags are well known) but which also has a strong enough stylistic support and as a result is positioned as one of the large firms within the casual world sport and adventure.

As well, for this season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, the collection has followed guidelines rather than marked with its entire line of fashion and has applied it not only to add-ins, but also to the rest of the set: jackets, hats, jerseys, and t-shirts. All they are impregnated of the new trends for this season and I will summarize in three simple points for you to have it in mind if you are going to buy something of the same.

  • The military look back with more force than ever this season. Eastpak It presents under this reference jackets, hats, bags, backpacks and a very urban interpretation of the military jacket, a model with the classical typical second hand model but with hood, trying to emulate a sweatshirt underneath as you did in your time Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Quicksilver.
  • The padding It is one of the major trends of this season and East Pack wasn’t going to pass up. The firm collects it and inserted both in their garment bags and backpacks. Under the collection Artic, It presents bags, handbags and backpacks with trendy colors and with a padded and futuristic fabric. Jackets and sweatshirts of halftime complete a line for the harshest winters that await us.
  • The iconic Padded Pak´r, Stash and Hobbs of Eastpak are more fashionable than ever under the dazzling neon lights in three colors Authentic Monometallic: Purple, blue and gray. Thus they try to give a turn of nut to the models and get a look much more futuristic in their designs. Padding again will help it in many of their clothes, but not exceed as it happened in other collections.