Transparent Bras

Lace and satin

To add still more of femininity and sensuality to your figure, you have the possibility to reveal just what it takes your lingerie to suggest without falling into the vulgar. To do this, choose a delicate lace or the soft plumetis tulle which will bring much of elegance and refinement to your figure while emphasizing the hot key.

Here again, the choices are many, so you may as well bet on Bras on some bodies.

The Brigit body of Agent Provocateur by Agent allows you to dare to extremely low-cut décolleté coming dress the top of your kidneys fall.In fact, the association of tulle and lace offers a silhouette silhouette sexy but everything subtle to not show too much yourself and going overboard.

Another variant of the pretty delicate Lace band, the paradox of thebrand of implicit lingerie body offers its graphical version of satin that comes dressed and modernize your silhouette in a jiffy. In addition, you have the choice between its version to the Eclipse colour or all just black if you want more sobriety. Thanks to him, you are sure to intrigue and attract all eyes…

Transparent lingerie

For the more accustomed of you remains the final solution of the invisible bra. What’s more discreet and secure of underwear that will all the shots to be forgotten under your clothes of light? Here again, there is something for everyone! The invisible lingerie lingerie model , you are sure to find the piece of lingerie that will adapt to your outfit! Thus, depending on the depth of your cleavage and your small complexes to hide, you can bet for example on a high waist panties that will highlight your pelvis and hips to further enhance your cleavage.

The bra according to, there again it will depend on your preferences and your dress. For example, if you want to play the card of the neckline zero defects, the adhesive bra can be your best ally.

Whether it’s simple shells or banner that does not have the full round the back, you can especially turn to the brand Magic Body Fashion which offers invisible lingerie and quality. We recommend the adhesive bra headband , which thanks to its side elements will still bring you a lot of comfort and maintenance without taking the steps to your cleavage. Finally, the BRA backless adhesive can also be your miracle solution. Despite the lack of skin covered by it, support is still provided thanks to its adhesive material and its possibility of tightening in the middle of the chest.

So you have the choice between many possibilities to make feel you comfortable in your deep neckline in the back. Whether you want a glamorous, feminine look or just simply elegant, a piece of lingerie can be the solution to all your worries of visibility! Now, you have to make your choice and to ensure to all!