Transfers in Football League

In professional football is a lot of money, both halls of the ice that high transfer fees. Players sometimes go for many millions to other clubs, often depending on the contract the player has. If a contract has expired, the player can “free” transfer to another Club. Exactly how it works, you can read in this article.


Football players in professional football, at least in the Netherlands and honorary division 1, have in most cases a contract with their club. In contrast to the “normal” business, it is hardly the talk of a permanent position.Players often contract for a period of one to four seasons, in the case of short-term contracts, often supplemented with an option for one or two years.

The Bosman judgment

Until the mid-‘ 90s clubs actually had power over all others and events of their players. If a player wanted to leave, had to get permission from the club where he was last or until then under contract, even if the agreement had expired. The Belgian Jean-Marc Bosman argued after the end of his contract in 1990, his freedom from his club Standard Liege, who has evolved into a long legal game. The final judgment of the Court of Justice held that a player whose contract has expired, was now free of charge transfer to another Club. A help uispraak was that clubs in the EU have no limits on the number of players from abroad, subject to EU countries.
The consequences of the Bosman judgment
These so-called “shuttle-free” status caused a large change in the football world. Clubs threatened player without losing any kind of compensation to other clubs. To prevent this, try clubs who sell their valuable players, in many cases, a year before the contract expires. Clubs also should pay attention young talent early have a long contract, otherwise they must be sold quickly to keep any money.

The transfer fee and clauses

If a Club is interested in a player who is under contract with another Club, it must, under the guidelines, first formal contact with the Club for the player, then it should just talk to the player.A Club is normal to question what he wants for a player from a few thousand to several million euros.The “price” is therefore mainly determined by the mode in which the selling Club wrong, both economically and sporty. Is a player of great importance and difficult to replace, is obviously much greater demand than when a eftertr dare is already within the club or easy to remove. A club to spend a little, go faster on a bid will than if the money is enough.
Many players, especially young players in the 20th, but has a clause in his contract, which stipulates a maximum amount that can take out a club. So it can happen that a player is met for several tons at 20, but such a great talent is attributed to that he likes provided he stops at a bid of at least 5 m away. Thus a player stops it should not detract from a club, while he already considers to be higher up. Also, sometimes it happens that a club from the sale requires more than just a one-time fee, such as part of a subsequent transfer fee, a practice match or a player who does the reversal. Both in Spain and the clubs are obliged to accept a transfer clause in a contract, which often leads to high exhorbitant amount agreed, and soon the tens of millions. By the way, of course, always a club can accept a lower bid, is the clause only a big stick for player

Transfer Final

A player may only move between the club during the so-called transfer periods. This includes the period during the summer and Christmas holidays. After this period, the players must remain on a club open until the next transfer period. At these times it looks very tightly by the unions. Does the transfer of a player with a second too late in football, the transfer will fail.

Free Agent Status

Players whose contracts have expired, are free to go where they want, they are then free shuttle. This means that they can develop in any club without the old employer will need to be more involved. This player has a great advantage, not only to a club mate like can download them, but also to clubs in such cases are often willing to pay a hefty premium character. A player has already often several options are open, so Premium offers and salaries is nice to be able to go. This is also one of the reasons why players sometimes do not want to renew his contract and would be on a free transfer. Popular is a free transfer players, sometimes referred to as “free”, what so often is not really true, even beyond the fact that get virtually all players in professional football salary.
Players whose contracts have expired, can in principle at any time on a new Club at the time, even outside of the transfer Windows. An exception is, however, players whose contracts are broken, they must wait until the next transfer period.


Players still have a contract with a club, but did not get, often rented out to another Club. The new Club is usually then paid a rent for the player and take part or all of the salary during the rental period. Some clubs put players without compensation by way of satellite clubs such as Feyenoord frequently at Excelsior. In some cases the hiring the Club maintains an option to buy out. This has been done in advance for whatever price the Club can take him in permanently. In most cases, but blocking a player after his rental period back to his old Club. Rental periods are in almost all cases up to the end of the season and so often half or a whole year.

Training Compensation

When a player to a Club is gone, this does not normally provide more money on it. “However, there is a possibility that every former employer a player is entitled to a sum; The training fee. This allowance is given to all clubs that a player has played her from their 12 to their 23rd. This rule applies to all foreign transfers with a lump sum, while 5% of the transfer fee is distributed among the clubs that the player played in his youth. More about this program, refunds are given in this article.