Toy Stories: Children and Their Toys

The Italian photographer Wholevehicles is not the first time round the world to build through photographic portraits of the stories that speak of equality in difference.

Already a few years ago for the project Delicatessen with Lovehe had taken photographs of dozens of grandmothers around the world, in their kitchens, in front of the best dishes of your repertoire. Although the goal inquadrasse ingredients, very different dishes and places, pride and care in the preparation were common in all women.

The collection of photos Mirrors and Windows , however, opened a window on the intimate and personal world of the bedrooms of the girls on every continent, mirrors the personality, history and the passions of the young women who lived there.

With Gabriele photography brought the attention of dramatic themes and delicate, like the fight against infant mortality by disease in Africa, through the portraits of the project Maternity in Cameroon and isolation and sexual harassment that the American women soldiers suffer during missions ( GI Jane’s other war ).

His fascinating project last is called Toy Stories and collects fifty portraits of children from many different countries of the world, photographed with their toys.

The collection of photos showing different worlds and sometimes deeply away in the availability of resources but also an idea of ​​the toy and play different from child to child, from community to community. Often, he told the photographer, the richest children and with more toys were also the most possessive while African children, for example, did not look particularly sad in having a few games because for them the fun is still in play with friends, outdoor.

The photographs are striking for how much the world of children reflects the environment in which they live and behind every picture there is always a story to be discovered.

The book Toy Stories will be released on March 24 published by the American Abrams Book and will be available in Italy at