Tour de France Jerseys

The tour has several challenges. In each step to make their points. There are several categories, also called??ranking?? called the waarinn riders collect points. The rider who has the most points in a certain ranking, can wear a t-shirt under the next step with a certain color.He wins a cash prize. What shirts and rankings are actually in the Tour de France? Belangrijiker and what is their significance?

Overall ranking: the yellow Jersey

These are the shortest total time at all stages. This is the most important shirt?? ??, It is this actually all to do. The person with the shortest time to call on the sum of all phases, was the winner of the Tour de France. The prize money is 45,000 euros.

Parliament classification: the Green Jersey

There are earning points at the end of a scene, especially on the flat stages, and in tussensprits.These pins are fixed in advance. The score depends on the seriousness of the stage. In the team time trial, there is no score with this component.
Most points awarded on the flat stages, to favor the sprinters. Wearers of the Green Jersey is therefore most sprinters. The prize money is 25.000 euro.

Mountains classification: polka dot jersey

The tour de France also has several climbs. The mountains are divided into five categories, and at the top of every mountain to get their points. Category 5 is the most difficult and thus give the most points. Those who have passed the highest score, can wear the polka dot jersey for the next attraction.The cyclist who at the end of the Tour de France wearing the sweater can call himself King. Here, too, the price is 25,000 euros.

Young riders classification: the white jersey

This refers to the best rider in the general classification who are under 25 years old. The winner will receive 20,000 euros.

Red shirt numbers

The numbers are basically black, but the jury is out there every day that drove most offensive. Whoever gets the most points ahead, with a red back numbers will ride in the next step. The most “combative” riders will receive 20,000 euros at the end of the tour.

Teams Classification

These are the times of the first three drivers of any specific law. The management group can be recognized by the yellow figures. The price of this ranking is 50,000 euros.

Wear more sweaters

If any winner in different classifications, but it can only have a jersey. The order is in order: yellow, green, balls, white.