Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet

You can not just say that Toshiba is a pioneer in the world of Android tablet with Honeycomb, as its first model, the Thrive, will be released only in about a month; but the wait was well worth the tablet a few peculiar feature: first of all there is a removable battery, quite unique piece on tablet on the market, also the USB ports and HDMI are “full-size” and the same goes for the slot SDHC/SDXC. Contrary to all these qualities “plus”, the starting price is a slender $429 (300 €). So it’s worth the wait so long? Let’s find out together.

Although on paper is not among the models the lightest in its class, holding it in hand the feeling that one gets is exactly the opposite: very good grip, thanks to the rubberized back, and pleasant grip. The design will not be his strong point, but by no means is neglected, and is notably the fact that Toshiba hid the large USB ports and HDMI mentioned earlier (along with miniUSB) under a small door, so as to maintain the uniform profile of the tablet.

The display is a 10.1-inch 1280 × 800 resolution Canon is very bright, although the colors are either too washed out.

The software side we find Android 3.1, which makes the Thrive one of the few models to be marketed with the latest release of Honeycomb. Toshiba has customized the interface in any way, although I have added some useful programs very well made, including a file manager and a tool that allows you to connect to the printer via WiFi. You will also like to know that there are also note keyboard , Swype, Resolution + software that Toshiba is also used on TV and laptop to improve video rendering, an audio enhancement to bring out the best of bass from your music, and finally also an app for organizing media.

The first impression on what still is a preproduction model is very positive, are waiting anxiously to be able to get their hands on the final version of Thrive, although we still don’t know if and when it will be marketed in Italy. Now liuxers will leave you with videos and pictures of the Toshiba tablet. What do you think?