Toshiba NB550D-112 (PLL5FE-02K01C)

In the toshiba NB550D 112 works the AMD processor C-60. He has two cores, provides a clock frequency of 1.33 gigahertz and reaches an acceptable pace of work. The radeon HD graphic chip 6290 is indeed more powerful than the GMA 3150 intel, for more than very simple games, it’s not enough yet: He managed to average 15 frames per second. Find the test criteria for games in the article COMPUTER determined image game speed.


The memory with a gigabyte is limited to the minimum. The hard drive has 298 GB of your data. A webcam placed on the screen belongs to every netbook including microphone serves the video telephony. Toshiba windows selects 7 starter in the 32-bit version as the operating system. With limited functionality microsoft word and excel are available.


A resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels is standard 10.1-inch netbooks. The image quality is not convincing: The display is somewhat unevenly lit and a little contrast. Also disturbing reflections in bright surroundings.

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Integrating a HDMI socket at the expense of a VGA interface is unusual HDMI is usually larger netbooks reserved. Connect external accessories to three USB 2.0 ports. Jacks for microphone and headphones are also on board. Next to the network connection, also wireless-n provides access to the internet. Toshiba dispenses with bluetooth support. The memory card slot is somewhat picky: He recognizes only SD, SDHC, MMC and SDXC cards.


Annoying: Compute-intensive work the NB550D-112 with 2.0 sone especially in quiet environment is clearly audible. The netbook produces little waste heat. The quality of the keyboard and the touchpad is in order, good usability. Both test devices kippelten due to the distorted housing slightly.

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With around six and a half hours the toshiba netbook at work as well as when playing movies last a long time. Seldom a netbook has such endurance features to offer. With three and a half hours, the charging time is human and shorter than in some other devices.

Conclusion: Toshiba NB550D-112 (PLL5FE-02K01C)

The strengths of the toshiba NB550D-112 are the long battery life and the HDMI jack. Also, unlike other 10.1-inch netbooks, it creates very simple games. Deficiencies in the processing, the volume and the mediocre image quality prevent a better note.

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The strengths of the toshiba NB550D-112 are the long battery life and the HDMI jack. Also, unlike other 10.1-inch netbooks, it creates very simple games. The processing, volume and image quality prevent a better grade. Per order this product at amazon long battery time HDMI connection counter display not anti-reflective loud noise no USB 3.0, no bluetooth test note of the editorial 2.76 satisfying user rating now evaluate alternative: Asus eee PC 1011PX.
The asus eee PC 1011PX has a slightly higher pace of work and is antireflection coated. It is not suitable for games and offers no HDMI socket. The second operating system starts quickly and offers access to Internet.