Top Ten Costumes Season’s Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011, Part II

Louis Vuitton

The fundamental costume it reinvents itself season after season, grateful we are that designers and most important fashion houses, brands economic class, and up to tailors working to measure, provide us materials, cutting and stamping new year after year. Thanks to this the invatible suit will continue living his eternal golden age, at least for now.

We review the trends more top costumes for the next Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, In addition to non-perishable wardrobe basics.


Salvatorre Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton, Michael Bastian

The best choice for people when donning a costume as authentic penguins, are or simply not they are comfortable with as formal attire, it is to opt for combined trousers and signing of different fabrics or materials. This way power is casual style without losing not a shred of elegance. Everything depends on the skill of the individual, as Council if we use a dark color at the bottom, the best will be one more clear at the top. Another very helpful is to use the same color but different tonal scale, good example of this are the looks of Vuitton, that it also introduced the use of patchwork in tailoring garments.

The options are enlarged thanks to the prints or mezclanado fabrics such as cotton or thread (usually the pants) with the tweed and wool (for the U.S.). In Ferragamo they have opted for the velvet and prints Baroque in shades of pink and Aubergine with flecado tissue, very trend this fall. Michael Bastian you prefer to resort to the classic Duet of camel and gray by tapping in the details; Python gloves, slippers tartan and orange socks.

Print graph

Dries Van Noten, David Dolphin, Calvin klein and Alexis Mabille

The mythical stripes widen considerably in Dries Van Noten, diamonds are surprised at Mabille, and tye dye next graphics are bets of David Dolphin or Calvin Klein. It seems that this season the smooth simplicity becomes a background, and assorted prints they seize our costumes.

As a note of style is import to note that not everyone can carry the same prints, in this way, for example, vertical stripes stylize the figure, although they are more favor to the high and thin, and better if we combine them with plain clothes. Dark colors such as blue or gray palette will be your great allies if you go for this style.

Slim silhouette

Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Ermenegildo Zegna

It is so today in our cabinets, the slim silhouette can be already considered a classic. Essential casual look not only for the costumes. In recent years there are many houses that have been seen as dress-up set is all a rising value.

Without reaching the end in other seasons, will wear it again, in encouraging trends of total black look by Marc Jacobs, wool and matching mittens as in Lanvin or with stitching in white, giving the feeling of a suit in construction, by Zegna.

Earth tones

Tommy Hilfiger, Cerruti and D & G

The crude oil to Brown dark, the scale of earth tones is wide with the beige, the basic camel and even mink, moving through nude tones, color very natural indeed. This year the trendiest is the combination of these shades together, Although always a touch can be in blue sky, so have echo on Tommy Hilfiger o D & G.
Another recurring option is to combine with the ubiquitous black and Cerruti. Attention that Yes, a somewhat forgotten tissue, Velvet back with more force than ever before.


Dunhill, Jhon Richmond, Victor & Rolf and Alexis Mabille

When the occasion requires the suit is replaced by its more nocturnal relative, Tuxedo. To dress Gala in the smartest way possible, black tends to be the first candidate in these cases, but we can give a tona of difference if we choose other tones such as blue, the of Durhill with bow tie can be a perfect choice.
The accents on dark background, if they are in klein better, or the two-tone flaps full current, as in Victor & Rolf , with double tissue included; Pocket and the neck.

The more daring can opt for a fancy, replete with sequin jacket and combined with zapatichas of patent leather, as in Richmond, or a suit of oriental inspiration in satin fabric and white microdot by Alexis Mabille. Insurance will not go unnoticed, although to a weighing of all none hereby replaced to the Tuxedo life and its inseparable sash.