Top Rated Vintage Watches

Dear readers and friends, today marks the beginning of a new stage, a new adventure for the repairers, which we all hope you like it. You know that we are working for some time on the development of high quality products, as well as the launch of our brand and concept store: Joseph Bonnie.

The shop is officially online since last month and your returns are now very positive, we are really delighted and extremely grateful. Today, in a continuity quite logically sum of our desires, our knowledge and our contacts, we decided to put online… the Show!

Had we get there one day both the beautiful pieces that pass us in front of the eyes and the hands of every day…

Top Rated Vintage Watches

There are many. A way to convey more passion of beautiful objects in stories? No doubt…

It should be noted nevertheless that our ambition is not to transform the magazine the repairers in a second-hand watch sales site where everything and anything, not. It is to present, ideally each month, according to our findings, the parts that we find interesting and that we would have great pleasure to wear or to offer. Selections for us who sense and who instilled in us a particular emotion.

Watches revised which we guarantee authenticity and provenance and that we present with bracelets that according to our criteria of elegance and timelessness, fit them best.

To get the ball rolling and start this adventure together, here are top 5 vintage watches that we found on This isn’t a question of budget, although we recognize that for this first selection, we have can be a bit caught up with emotion! Oopsie!

1 Omega Speedmaster Automatic 3510.50 (Circa 1990)

A Moonwatch? Not quite. Here’s a Speedmaster Automatic, affectionately nicknamed “Reduced” because of the size of the box compared to the Speedmaster professional. 38 mm, the perfect size.

Some purists have shunned it upon its release for all its small difference that make his personality, but for those who will not be considered a panic attack if they do not have ‘The Moonwatch’ and have always been seduced by the iconic design of the Speedmaster and the comfort of the car movements, this reference remains in our opinion an excellent choice!

2 Rolex Submariner 5513 (Circa) 1978

We could not start this adventure without get you a nice: here is the iconic diving Rolex watch.Shows often copied, never equaled and sport by excellence. Immortalized on screen by James bond, to the city by Steve McQueen and many others. The end of a collection according to some who would argue that there is need of nothing other both renewed emotion and versatility of this piece is great. If only it were that simple…

3 Rolex Air King “OUR” 5500 (Circa) 1982

One of the icons Rolex produced for more than 70 years of uninterrupted. The King Air to born in 1945 in honor of the British RAF pilots who were already wearing watches bracelet Rolex (bubble back) during the second world war.

Shows Professional by excellence, accuracy and readability are essential. A sleek, timeless, dial 3 hands indicating hours, minutes, and seconds. The quintessence of the function of a watch.

It is in a State that you will most likely never see again. A State close to the nine, a bottom of box yet sitcke and a bracelet oyster to full links without any play.

4 Ollech & Wajs Mirage III (Circa 1990) accuracy

Here’s a chronograph of the Zurich Ollech & Wajs (O & W) brand, which has many advantages. An extremely robust Swiss chronograph movement, a sapphire glass, a bidirectional rotating bezel and the sealing of a true Diver. Who says better?

A dial clean to the strong contrasts that is not unlike the clarity of a certain Speedmaster and other Heuer Bundeswehr. There is no secret… when the shape is defined by the function.

Founded in the early 1950s the O & W brand especially was known to the U.S. and the United Kingdom by manufacturing and distributing military watches swiss made dive in the PX Stores of the army. The mark has also an excellent reputation across the Atlantic, as well as a real historic legitimacy.

5 Rolex GMT Master 1675 Circa 1973

The icon of the icons to the Pepsi bezel! This model from 1973 to a Mark II dial second variant of dial matte produced over a short period, from 1971 to 1973). The bezel insert “Fat are” the fat police, as its name suggests brings a lot character to this piece, and I don’t even talking about the natural patina of this insert… a madness. The dial is original and indexes have been cleaned by a professional.