Top 10 Sports Bras

Contrary to popular opinion it is not because we are round or even big that we don’t practice sports ! But for this, it should be of course wear a sports bra to protect his chest. And here are 10 models available in large size to be discovered.

A Bra to Go to The Gym, Not Always Easy to Find When You Are Round

Let’s not the face, even if a few rounds have a small chest, most of the time it’s the opposite. And run, jump, romp with a chest that is well maintained is unpleasant or even painful!

Find a big shot sports bra and “classic” round back is still easy… But once we get a grand tour of back, it’s a different kettle of fish! Fortunately, more and more shops now offer models for larger sizes. The evidence.

10 Models Larger to Adopt

Choose a bra or a great sports bra size, it is a good guarantee for your chest which is put to the test when you’re on the sport. Tossed, it is essential that it has a firm but nice maintenance during the effort and movements.

My large size so decided to give a boost to her sports readers to find a model of BRA suitable for sports activities.

1 – Classic

A model to choose black or white mesh reinforced on the cups for support and comfort. This model has very light frames but above all to a very wide elastic as a basque and wide straps that can position themselves on either side of shoulders or back crossed with a little clip on the back of the BRA.

2 – Trend

Follow the trend of peas on your underwear and even in sport mode with this micro sports bra breathable print recommended by Andyoutdoor.

3 – Multi-Sports

That you practice physical activity intense enough or sweet, this sports bra fits all degrees of intensity. This innovative model fits into 4 levels of control of the twists.

4 – The Expert

Designed after 6 years of development, this model is the Rolls Royce of the generous breasts because it helps reduce pain and chest movements.

5 – Key nature

We appreciate this anthracite model with a touch of green which gives a punchy to this bra Microfiber.

6 – Feline

Follow the trend printed Panther even in the gym with this ultra feminine pink print model. Our Darling selection!

7 – Sulphurous

Be female by practicing a sport it is possible with this model of a beautiful red from Elomi.

8. Basic Black

Model Elomi to decline in white or black for excellent support without compressing the chest.

9. Basic White

Still a model Elomi for this white Underwire sport bra cups made up of four parts including a lateral reinforcement section ensure comfort and support to the practice of your favourite sport.

10 – The Invisible

Elomi decidedly pampers sports by multiplying the models in various classic colors!

If needed you an excuse for you (re) set to sport, why not purchase a new sports bra?