Top 10 Fashion Earrings

If you like to carry accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, or bags, then the fashion earrings you will love them; This summer the most fashion will be the colorful as the fiusha, pink, red, etc.

10 hoops

The fashion earrings as described in that will always be in, no matter the season or year, are rings, this summer the most used will be small.

9 rhinestones

If you’re more conservative, these fashion earrings are ideal for you, the rhinestones will never look obsolete since it offers a look very sophisticated and elegant, if you want to give it a different and modern, it uses a few laps of metallic color.

8 circular

Circular earrings look amazing especially when you get a high ponytail or pick up all your hair, if you have a very round face better not use them, since it gives the impression of more volume.

7 fringes

Other fashion earrings are long with bangs, this type of earrings are ideal for the face oval, round and square included since they create the impression of lengthening and slimming face.

6. metallic fringe

These fashion earrings are much more elegant than the previous ones, since most used in dinners, parties and formal meetings etc.

5 Recargados

If you’re a fan of the charms and ornate fashion, these fashion earrings you will love, as well as being very attractive they have figures like diamonds, that are very in for the season.

4 Peace and Love

As the trend this summer is the hippie Bohemian style – chic, all related to this will be great, why others the more led fashion earrings will gain the famous symbol of peace and love.

3 color block

As in clothing, earrings from fashion color block will be an accessory very requested in the season, if you’re daring takes a few laps, and if you prefer a neat look used small with cute figures.

2 monkeys

Others of the most commonly used fashion earrings this summer will be monkeys, since they give a look very feminine, flirty and fun.

1 feather

Since the end of last year these fashion earrings have had much boom, with one or more, either short or long, the feathers are the most fashion for the season.

Feathers, monkeys, rings, stones, they will be the most used by the girls fashion earrings, choose which go with your personality and looks very in fashion this season.

What the fashion earrings are your Favorites? Do you know what other fashion earrings?

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