Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Do you suffer from musculoskeletal back pain? Here you are some keys to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

On other occasions, and talking about the training of the core, I could give some hints of how to strengthen our central area of the body, and thus help prevent low back pain improve the stabilization of the spine and triggering a higher quality of life. In addition to this, what other strategies can reduce back pain? what exercises are best? read on!

As data relevant, about 25% of the Spanish population suffer low back pain syndrome and more than 80% suffer this disease throughout his life. This pain can be caused by work, spending many hours in an upright position, carry much weight, for our sport intern, poor postural hygiene, among others. In any of these cases, what we must not do is Let the pain because if we do not treat it in time, the symptoms will continue to appear and getting worse. So, What are the strategies to reduce (cervical, dorsal and lumbar) back pain?

  1. First of all and any disease of the spine, will have to go to a doctor or physical therapist. Starting from here, with a diagnosis of the problem, the next step is to prescribe exercise guidelines, since it is one of the best medications to alleviate these problems, thus avoiding the drugs to the extent possible.
  2. Strengthening central body. The benefits of core training are very notable in a short time. They are very important to stabilize the spine and strengthen all the muscles in the area, since they are involved in the optimal functioning of the spine. In coming posts, I will show how to train the core a more advanced level.
  3. Aquatic wellness is a very healthy activity that helps strengthen our muscles and reduce back pain. Possibly, in these cases, the subject may suffer a muscle imbalance and this can cause pain. That is, that some / you muscles of our body do not function at full capacity.
  4. Stretching now having a very important weight. We will have to make as appropriate, programmes stretching between 4-8 weeks with a weekly frequency of at least 3 days to obtain a significant result. Some stretching to carry out are: flexors hip, hamstring, quadriceps, pyramidal, dorsal muscle width, among others many.
  5. In some cases and not in all cases, lumbar belts facilitate the work at work, physical exercise or daily activities. My recommendation is to be used in specific moments and short or medium periods of time, not accustomed to losing muscle tone. Thus, it is a pleasant alternative to hold back and limit harmful movements.
  6. Make lighter every day can also come caused by placing templates in our usual footwear. The ideal is to always wear a shoe that we are not going flat, a little platform, Cot, air… With this, we contribute to our joints to suffer less. Today’s Decathlon offers a very wide range of templates that facilitate tread, stability and damping according to the problem of every person.

So, if any of you feel identified with cervical, dorsal or lumbar pain by small that is, feel free to follow any of the steps that we have just seen and put yourself in the hands of specialists. Upon your request, and in future blog posts, ehealthfacts will have programs of stretching, core training or water wellness. I hope your proposals! Tuned for my next post in which I will show how to train your abdominals in 51 different ways!