Tips on How to Wear Shorts with Stockings

Tips on how you can properly wear a stockings shorts.

The fashion of shorts with stockings has come to stay with many different models and styles of stockings that you can wear with shorts, the shorts with stockings makes a lot of success here you will learn how to wear shorts with stocking Stay tuned in the Tips on how to wear shorts with half and buy yours already and look even more beautiful and elegant.

Tips on how to wear shorts with stockings for women with thick legs should use options of dark stockings with darker shorts as well via This tip lengthens the legs so they look thinner than they really are. Thin Legs If you have thin legs and want to have more volume in the region, choose a darker shorts combined with light pantyhose. Thicker women   If you are overweight, take a little extra care to choose this type of combination. Avoid shorts that are too short and that mark too much the region of the abdomen and the thighs. Always bet in shades that do not differ much, ie shorts in dark shades with black pantyhose and so on. Special pantyhose   You are afraid to wear pantyhose of the type you draw, do not worry, because when used well they can make your look look incredible. The important thing is to be in shape and take care of the other pieces, because you can not use this type of sock with blouses and shoes that draw much attention. Shorts with pantyhose at work   You can also parade with this look in more formal situations, just choose options of finer shorts, such as tailoring and abuse of high heels. Also bet on light social shirts and jackets that match with pantyhose. Finishing the look The shoe is a fundamental part of your look, especially when you want to wear shorts with pantyhose. It all depends a lot on the blouse you are going to wear, but some interesting shoe tips are boots for visuals with plaid shirt, all star sneakers for more stripped out looks, medium boots and heeled shoes to sweep at night. Shorter jackets are also perfect for highlighting your legs and leaving the most powerful looks.

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