Tips on How to Take Advantage of Base Makeup

A good makeup without base does not exist! and that’s the honest truth. The base is indispensable for any makeup well-made. With her, you cover with perfection spots, pimples and wrinkles. In addition to standardizing the skin and leave the more pleasant appearance, the base serves to secure better makeup.

Be careful: in addition to choosing the right product, you need to know how to apply it, not to keep the skin too dark or light. For this, choose a tone similar to the color of your skin and the best test on the hue of the base is in the area of the neck. Do not test the product on hand: the color of this region is very different from the tone of the face. Learn how to get a perfect finish with the base.

The Base Type:

Is the most transparent. Although it does not give full coverage, is the one that provides the most natural and unobtrusive effect.

His forte is adhering to the skin better. Covers effectively the imperfections, but contains substances that are not good for oily skins.

Does not cover imperfections, but gives brightness in some points, such as the neck.

Dissolved in water, gives full coverage, more heavy and opaque, perfect for evening looks. Applied with a dry sponge, gives a natural result, ideal for the day, but mark the lines of expression.

Have uniformity because it creates the effect of use of the base and powder at the same time.

Tips On How To Apply The Base Correctly:

Clean and moisturize the skin to start the application.

Then apply the sunscreen all over your face.

Pass the concealer on the tone of your skin, under the eyes and on the points that require correction.

Spread small base dripping all over her face, lap, ears and neck. If you are wearing a strapless blouse or booby, pass her in the back of the head.

Spread the base with a sponge or a brush moistened in a circular motion following cosmetic tips, until homogeneous result.

If exaggerated, press a paper towel against your face and wipe off excess.

To disguise the dividing line in the contour of the jaw, moisten the tips of fingers and spread good makeup in this line until the contrast of tones disappear.

After these fantastic tips I doubt you do ugly time of makeup!!!