Tips for Summer Makeup

At first glance, the hot days, summer, seem to make enemies. So does well choose accurately each makeup product during the summer.

  1. By a slight consolation to the sexier than skin touched by the Sun, Sunshimmer gives a touch of bronze from bright color to that dark sexy. Creamy lotion, Sunshimmer applies uniform, it’s a trick to easily transfer and wash resistant.
    2. Creamy shades are perfect during the summer because they remain perfectly on palbere even at high temperature, throughout the day.You just choose the hue great for you.
    3. Mascara should be waterproof, water resistant. Typically, a brand is also waterproof products for every type of mascara. A usual mascara will run in humid environment, especially during the summer when it’s hot it tightens under the eyes.
    4. The Foundation must be moisturizing, fluid, with UV filter and possibly non-transferable (must write on the box). Shows the fixation with translucent powder, with a maximum 3 cm diameter.
    5. A creamy blush will resist water. We can put on the Foundation, but also over the dust, especially because it resists more. The application is done with the fingers, tapping fast movements.
    6. You can wrap around your eyes with an eyeliner. The perfect line is obtained with exercises. Well, if it doesn’t come out from the beginning, you can gradually thicken.