Tips For Effective Pregnancy Shopping


I warned you on my ticket chinephile, passion life jackets! You’ll soon see, everything that lengthens the silhouette (the “vertical” line of clothing + length) is good to take. And even more in the case of the vest, which is not as steep as a blazer, and who, by definition, does compress you the backs or breasts, or belly.

It’s him, the clothing which, going back to what we said earlier, you ” will accompany throughout your pregnancy and even after ” because you don’t need to buy larger than usual.

As panels will spend a lot of time rejected from and across the chest, my advice to me would be to prioritize the relatively thin models, straight neckline and without buttons. Rather than the wholesale jackets buttoned to pullovers, that same Doors open, will create a cluster of not always practical or graceful stitch at the level of the armpits and sides.
Do Rhyme vest and light. And if you’re cold and a little budget, in the extreme as possible, prefer Kashmir to the big mesh.


Rather than John or pasting.
Because it is only in leggings that you will know if a top (tunic, sweater, vest,…) to the ‘right’ length, the most versatile. What is the right length on leggings will be also on a jeans/pants. But the opposite is not always true. The sweater ok on a pair of jeans but too short on pregnant leggings, for example. Especially with the mesh which shrinks from the first wash…
The legging also facilitates the fitting of the dresses, closer rendering of opaque tights. But that won’t stop the perfectionists to also take in their bag a semi-opaque, often more pretty sticky on the slightly longer dresses (40 denier like here on the left, I like it).


I know, Grandma rambling, but it is always good to say it again. On materials at low prices, black rarely offers a flattering rendering especially in large covering surfaces, which will wilt, to feutrent or to délavent rapido.
So buy as little as possible, especially if like me, you’re addicted to the boots and black boots and pantyhose matched, and/or you have a black coat, you’ll already have your dosage also.
No need for little black dress of pregnancy for example. Prefer the small Heather grey dress ?