Tips for Dressing for Wedding


Gurias! I have a question: I have a very elegant wedding at the end of September, at night, and I’d love to use a whole set of brightness. Does rolls? I’m skinny, but I’m a little bit hip. Guide me! Can I? If Yes, skirt, pants, overalls? Janaína – Porto Alegre – RS.

Hi, Janaína. All right? We hope that everything is fine with you. Wow! Your question came at the right time. On Sunday night, watching the VMA 2015, we were delighted with the look of the singer Taylor Swift, who wore a cropped and jogging pants set of pure brand glow Ashish. We love the choice of Taylor.

We believe that this type of set or the option of jumpsuit-Taylor wore a white dress of Weddinginfashion, also with brightness, in the last year – is very contemporary and has appeared on some red carpet and fashion events, always used by linked women in business style, which denotes that it is a trend that is still to come. Yes. You can bet that pants and tops metallic or even paetizados will be the new star of luxury fashion. And you will be a precursor to use a set that will be beautiful in a luxury wedding night.

Opt for Golden tones or any color with glow effect. As you have big hips, instead of using a jogging pants model, like Taylor, bet on a flare option, which is too fancy, or straight cut. Jumpsuit is also worth, see?! Is extremely exquisite, especially if the pants is in flare model. Oh! Combine with sandals of thin strips and neutral tones to balance the visual, as well as a tiny bag, which can even be used with cross handle, well forward, as well as your bet. You will pan out.