Tips for Decorating Small Apartment

Areas of limited size are not always enough now to be sure that provide many valuable opportunities in the choice of design. We will look at a modern apartment located in Skopje, Macedonia, the modest 35 square meters. Housing project work professionals. We are Proxy. They achieve overt sensitivity to the situation by generous modern solutions and precise choice of wall clocks defined on theReligionFaqs.

The unusual shape of the housing allows the introduction of interesting ideas for furnishing a small apartment. The whole area is varied, but each angle is appropriate used. Impression correct forms and clean lines. From large to smaller parts, each part of the home looks lined and elegant attitudes.

The colors are soft, simple and close to natural. White ceilings and bright under a prerequisite for visually enlarge the area.

In one room, separated by twists and decorative lattice walls are a living room, dining room and kitchen.

Delicate curtains and lamps in white are part of the furniture. Sofas in the living room is also committed in this tone and brings freshness in the situation. The living room wall is lined in beautiful paneling of very light wood. Along it is positioned and a large built-in wardrobe, which brings a lot of style and elegance of the room.

The same material is also lining of kitchen cabinets. This makes the transition into the open area of ​​a smooth and refined. The kitchen is located on two adjacent walls L-shaped. To be parallel with okolonata vision, the designers have chosen the bottom of the kitchen to be colored in white. The window in the corner, decorative mural in the neighborhood and the black back of the board are the three original ideas professionals for this part of the dwelling.

The dinning table is simple and suitable for both hosts. A continuation of countertop, which is the dividing line between the living room and kitchen area. Two beautiful chairs in red enliven the situation and alcove with a window and a soft bed are a great place for hostess when he needs to sit down with a book in hand.

Clean surfaces, warm wood elements and playful color palette fill the space. The emphasis in decor and minimalism in furniture are an excellent example of modern interior of a small apartment. Be sure!