Tips For Choosing The Perfect Black Dress And Destroy!

Who hasn’t wondered: what are you wearing? When in doubt, go with black. The little black dress is a piece in the wardrobe of any woman wildcard. Versatile and elegant, with it you go to work, at a business lunch, happy hour with friends and even more formal party.

A fashion icon, the black dress became the best friend of the modern woman, indispensable piece of women’s clothing. First appeared in 1926, being dressed by Coco Chanel, la mademoiselle, who came out to the streets of Paris with a cutaway model of simple, no frills and trim until your knees. The scandal was immediate, but success also. Later, the black dress was immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1960 with the looks created by fashion designer Hubert Givenchy for the film breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Back and forth the little black dress appears in many ways, sometimes shorter, now more glued to the body, sometimes looser, longer, but remains timeless and never goes out of style. In addition, it is a piece that allows various combinations, can be used in different occasions and looks good on any woman.

There is no doubt that when choosing a black dress, women feel more secure. So inspire yourself and choose your preferred:

Legs On Display

Short are for more informal occasions, a party with friends, a dinner for two. Just remember that sexy he can become common. The important thing is that the length be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Bet in the right measure.

Loose Modelling

Likes to feel comfortable? So avoid dresses too glued to the body and opt for more fluid fabrics, free and you do not mark the skyline. The stretch mesh is a good thing. Feast Day

Give preference to long to be more chic and elegant in events that call for more formal looks, such as weddings and graduations. Models with transparencies, slits, cutouts and lace details help to not let your long black dress so Dour.

The classic black tube is the accurate choice for a job look. The woman feels very self-confident in a dress like this. The knee length is beautiful and elegant. And more: with him you can go straight to a happy hour at the end of the day, just increment the look with accessories.

Trend Of The Season

Turtle necks come back on the scene this fall/winter 2016. They lengthen the body and disguise the small breasts. The looser dress model with elastic waist, is also ideal for women who desire a trim sexy. In addition, the shoulders showing complete visual with all elegance.

The Charm Of The Dress Turtleneck

Invest in black and white look and hit the pitch of the season.