Three details for extra style

It is the details that determine wont say. It can be anything from kostymens cuts to sneakerns lacing. But more fun is to show their sense of style in situations that are not as expected. chose the three attributes that would feel good by a stylistic update, and guaranteed to impress those around them.

To fancy pens are intended only for contract writing is a myth that needs to be buried. To have a beautiful pen at hand is clearly an everyday pleasure. As with everything else , there are no excessive variations that we may transfer to the true enthusiasts. A simple Sheaffer works just fine, which middle ground. Or the gold-plated variant if you want to be just a bit more luxurious. Farewell promotional pen! You, we do not want to see again.

Passport holder
Every time I stand in line at the security checkpoint at the airport, same thing happens. A well-dressed person picks up the ultimate reseaccessoaren out of his jacket and I feel instantly jealous. Passport holder. Unnecessary? Yes, actually it is well the Passport, boarding pass and resespecfikation is nothing that needs its own accessory. But it’s neat cannot get away from.

A pass holder is on my shopping list at least. The Museum of art MOMA has a nice variation from the interior design Queen Tricia Guild.

Key pouch
In addition to key case will keep your keys do not rub against the fabric of your clothes, it has a luxurious feel that bonus. The smaller accessories have an understated elegance that is difficult to reproduce otherwise, explained by POLITICSEZINE. A key case from Burberry is a nice shortcut to improving your style with the details.