The world’s Most Expensive Trophy

Almost all known sport has its own special trophy. For example, knows football special award this annual award, the Ballon d?? Or “and Polo on snow” Silver Horse Cartier “. Cricket ball sport has a special award: “The Diamond Cricket Ball”. With a value of approximately $ 68 500 this exclusive assign the most expensive trophy in sport.Diamond Cricket Ball was manufactured until now twice, in 2004 and 2007.

Diamond Cricket Ball 2007

“The Diamond Cricket Ball” is a Cricket Ball made of 295.6 grams of gold and decorated with princess cut?? 5728??diamonds with a total weight of 31.5 carats. The material with which the diamonds are fasted on the ball is the same material used for the wings of NASA space shuttles, which is the most expensive carbon-carbon composite. Carbon-carbon composite is super light weight, has an extremely high melting point at 2500 degrees Celsius and has a very short thermal expansion.
The Diamond Cricket Ball
The ball is made of the famous Indian Jewellers in Gitanjali Group. The value of this bling-bling ball is about $ 68 500 according to Derrick Pereira, vice GM and D ‘ Damas. D ‘ Damas is a well-known name in the world of jewellery sector in India.
There are only two copies of this luxurious ball. A ball was an award for best Indian Cricket players;favouriet was batsman and star player Sachin Tendulkar. And the second the ball was for best international player in the 2007 WORLD CUP held in the Caribbean in March/april 2007. Unfortunately for India, where the WORLD CUP was won by the team in Australia.
Presentation of The Diamond Cricket Ball
Diamond Cricket Ball was presented in March 2007 at a press conference at the Hilton Towers in Mumbai from Mehul Choksi, Chairman of Gitanjali group. Anyone who can show him?? ?? was none other than Bollywood actress Mahima Choudhary and Mithali Raj, Captain of the women’s cricket team.
It was also during this time, the new sport range?? Sports Ratti?? launched a new line of jewellery for elegant athletic?? ??.

Diamond Cricket Ball 2004

Diamond Cricket Ball was already once before in 2004. It contained just copy then?? ?? 125 grams of gold and diamonds 2704. The ball was in Sri Lanka by jeweler Fior Drissage and presented by Alston Koch, President of the company. The ball came to Australia to celebrate the start of the new cricket season and the opening of their new jewelry shop in Melbourne.
Alston Koch, ceo of Fior Drissage
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