The Ultrabook Lie: Like Ultra Is The New Device Genre Really?

Intel calls on its website of ultrabooks stars CES 2012. During the fair, various companies have presented the chip manufacturer about 30 models of the very flat notebooks, other 72 new designs should be for this year’s planning. But a slim casing alone is still no ultrabook. Intel has given exact specifications to manufacturers, but the company takes the own specifications themselves not so accurate.

Ultrabook: A trademark

The protected name conceals a detailed list of the characteristics that must have a notebook, to be ultrabook. Originally, the devices at a maximum weight of 1.4 kg should be only 21 millimeters thick. But these restrictions intel has now apparently back spacing. The chip manufacturer, no signs are that weight and dimensions play a binding role. Should be an energy-efficient intel processor inside. Until spring 2012, manufacturers may use chips in sandy bridge architecture in ultrabooks. Then applies a new standard: Intel brings the new ivy bridge cpus on the market, get feed in the upcoming ultrabooks must.

Ultrabooks: The ultra thin notebooks are

As the ultrabooks are ultra?

The four notebooks toshiba satellite Z830-10J, lenovo ideapad U300, acer aspire S3 and ASUS zenbook which apply intel on the own company, a critical look able to withstand: All have multi-core processors in sandy bridge architecture. The housing height of devices varies between nine and 18 millimeters, the weight of between 1.1 and 1.4 kilos. The four carry the name ultrabook so legally even after the old criteria, which in addition prescribe the dimensions of the notebook.

Ultrabooks: Current models at a glance

16 devices overview: Ultrabooks

Envy 14 spectre: Intel violates own policy

Not all notebooks, makes reference to the intel on his blog, are real ultrabooks. Although the group in an article writes, notebooks must meet certain criteria’s, to call themselves ultrabook, the company in the course of the contribution itself no longer adheres to its own policies. The envy 14 spectre of HP is located under the listed examples. What keeps intel in his text: The newcomer of the envy series weighs 1.8 kg and exceeds as the original weight handicap.

The ultrabook HP folio 13

Also in another post intel with the practice broke: A companion article to the CES 2012 shows the photo a ultrabook performance for the intel on the fair invited. On closer inspection of the figure reflected that the chip maker also can meet the old weight target: The HP folio 13 (height 18 mm) brings 1.5 kilos on the scales.

How much is a protected trade name worth?

Certainly it is for everyday use little decisively whether a notebook in your pocket weighs 100 grams more or less. On the other hand, consumers on the purchase of a device with protected brand names can expect a mandatory standard. Unfortunately proves that intel has now left the actual line and mild exercise in awarding the title especially when unit height and weight can be. Set value to a sleek and lightweight ultrabook, you need to exactly examine the devices before buying… (dd)