The Smart phone and Lack of Looking Around

Look around: many involved with your mobile phone while walking on the street, is talking, reading or typing

Suddenly, I got out of my own bubble and saw myself as an alien coming from other spheres and other decades, direct from the time tunnel, to the day the hectic day of current times. Look around on the street: many involved with your mobile phone while walking or stop at green lights, is talking, reading or typing.

New eye on the subway, where there is not always a sign of the Internet: many with the guy in your cell phone, possibly playing or reading something off line. The few without the appliance are dozing eyes clenched.

In other words, those who still look to your surroundings today? Even the Academy of bodybuilding, nobody looks very: be on the treadmill or exercise bike, are always an eye on their cell phones via Areacodesexplorer. No one else is looking. I don’t look at anyone else. I don’t know who was and who wasn’t.

I leave an enormous volume of information come to me and want to take care of everything. So, using the intervals of bodybuilding series to answer emails. So, answer WhatsApp while as something. So, I take the subway to read what I didn’t have time to be read.

Wrong, I? Judge me, I take the blame. I could give all this limit. Could turn me off at 18 hours and meditate, see the first newspaper of the night and relax. Yes, it could. But, instead, accepted the imposition of contemporary life invisible and opened myself up for the networks, the networking, the many ideas, projects and partnerships. Opened myself up to that time running to keep up with the volume of information and can’t handle.

And make no mistake with me. I’m not upset. I live a kind of anesthesia, where life passes through the screen of my phone, my tablet or my computer.

I feel a bit a mixture between the fictional fantasy of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, or being part of films like ‘ Truman’s Show ‘ or ‘ Blade Runner ‘.

I’m a fatalist. It is what it is and what can be the impact of technology on human viciáveis, fallible, poor addicts.

Uber modern times. While liquids, gaseous. This day came to be. Are not temporary (see irony): times are permanent until the next revolution coming.

And to understand your arrival, you need to be alert and strong, looking around everything (you see the Paradox), because the future arrives in and out of your smart phone. Future looking forward that we compress and causes. Stop here and leave you with the hardness of the Great George Orwell: “If you want an image of the future, imagine a boot pressing on a human face forever.”