The Samsung Galaxy SIII Becomes The Best Selling Terminal in The History of T – Mobile USA

Samsung Galaxy SIII was going to be a best seller was no secret, long before its launch already spoke of him as the referent of the Androids, and the aura achieved with the Galaxy S range is something that neither line Google Nexus has been able to overcome. Barely a couple of weeks as the official update to Jelly Bean has arrived, although the good news surrounding the flagship of Samsung don’t end there.

The operators have become in recent times in one of the major channels of distribution of mobile phones, sustained by juicy subsidies associated with permanence of customer contracts. As such, from time to time, some us sing with numbers and others, as it has done T-Mobile USA, they boast directly from having sold a lot one or another terminal.

In this case, the U.S. subsidiary of the German operator speaks of it have exceeded all sales records in the history of the company with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but you have to clarify certain aspects.

T-Mobile USA does not have in its catalogue terminals coming out of Cupertino, which had surely changed statistics; and in addition, the model selling the Galaxy SIII It is not that we all know, but the specific manufacturer put at your disposal to match the colors of the company, a model known as Garnet Red Garnet.

Should be recalled that the specifications of this version also vary with respect to which is distributed in the European markets, to adapt it as much as possible to the needs of their country of destination.

Good news that will contribute to the high expectations of sales that you expect in the offices of Samsung in South Korea.