The Right Toy for Every Age

Every child likes toys. But not all toys are suitable for all children. Choosing a toy in addition to respecting basic safety items such as the shape of the parts and if the material is non-toxic, it is important that it is appropriate for the child’s age and thus respect their developmental stages.

With the approach of children’s day, many people will want to give children presents with beautiful toys. In order to make it happier and contribute to its development, Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) has a guide to guide which is the best toy for each age group.

Toys For Children From 18 To 36 Months

– Little restless children need toys that activate their bodily movement, whether it’s a large push cart, climbing on it or carrying their toys inside and any object to climb or ride.
– Some psychomotor skills, including eye-to-hand coordination and finger and hand skill development, can be stimulated with assembled and disassembled toys, 
assemblies of different sizes and shapes, as well as games and jigsaw simple.

Toys for children from 3 to 6 years old

– Children in this age group are skilled in make-believe games, they like to play adult roles and create fantastic situations.
– Fantasies and equipment that help in your imaginary world are important at this stage: among them miniature shops with toy money, cash register and telephone. Townhouses, forts, circuses, farms, gas stations, puppets, dolls and doll houses with furniture are also attraction.
– A doll or a teddy bear helps many children to overcome difficult times of their
– The means of transport are fascinating for children. Trucks, automobiles, airplanes, trains, boats, and tractors amuse this age and later.

Toys For Children From 6 To 9 Years Old

– Board games, marbles and arming toys help in learning social norms.
– Dolls in fashionable dresses and those who look like men and women in their professions, as well as all sorts of characters that are part of an action or plot, are attractive 
to boys and girls who want to experience experiences from different worlds.
– Paints, crayons, clay for modeling, costumes, doll houses, miniature cities with characters and vehicles are a good choice as they contribute to the development of imaginary and imitative worlds.

Toys For Children From 9 To 12 Years Old

– At this age, children begin to develop specific skills and pay considerable attention to certain hobbies and occupations, scale models, magic games, elaborate construction parts kits, chemistry, science experiments, puzzles, and puzzles.
– The social coexistence is sophisticated through board games, cards and electronic games, especially those that require strategic decisions and knowledge acquired in school.
– Young people like to plan complete productions that include obtaining financial support, customs, lighting, printing programs, puppets and puppets. Painting, sculpture, ceramics and other forms of artistic expression, as well as musical instruments, books and records, continue to attract attention.


After the age of 12, the interests of young people begin to blend with those of adults. This can be seen clearly in the increasing success of the most complex electronic games and video games that are generally considered for the whole family. Young people also show an interest in board games and adventures, particularly those on the business theme. Collectors of dolls, cars in scale, trains, miniatures and stuffed animals usually begin to have this interest during adolescence.