The Perfect Watch For The Beach

The holiday season is in full swing and of course you want to give a good figure on the beach.Decisive is the Bikini or Beachdress, but the appropriate accessories must not be missing. First and foremost, the right watch, because the mobile phone is usually not so good at the beach, but water and sand quickly ensure that the beloved part no longer works. In addition, we want to switch off on holiday but also times off and offline to enjoy our peace, but now and then times know how late it is.

The watch for the beach should be waterproof and scratch-resistant, as the sand and the salt water can quickly cause unpleasant damage. In addition, the watch should also be somehow stylish, correspond to the personal taste and can be worn to as many outfits as possible. You may want to have a snack at the Strandbistro for a drink or a meal, and the beloved watch stays on your wrist.

For the men, the watch must be cool, sporty and yet somehow exclusive. Here is a classic diving watch, for example the This watch tops every dive and through the scratch-resistant mineral glass can not affect sand grains. For the stylers, Nixon also has a few cool diving watches in the assortment, so that you can stand under water, and the one or other fish can impress, which is then on land in the form of one or other vacation flirt gladly. With the ladies the demands are a little different stored, since it is really more about the appearance and the technical inside play only a subordinate role. But also here is the claim that the watch is water-resistant and not only splash-proof.

Swatch has since the perfect watches in the assortment, the watches from the Scuba collection are all equipped to 30 bar waterproof and also otherwise perfectly for the stay at the beach. But also the poppig colorful Ice Watch watches are great beach clocks and inspire by their color variety again and again. But also Michael Kors has great watches equipped with a water tightness of 10 bar and you can swim with them without a thought.