The New Facebook Messenger for Android Will Stay That Way

After Hangouts receive improvements yesterday, the most widely used social network in the world wasted no time and showed the update application Facebook Messenger for Android, which brings a more modern look and, in the words of Facebook, was “faster and with an experience of mobile-to-mobile messages more reliable.”

Forget that blue bar at the top of the screen: the application has been completely redesigned and, sorry, but there’s no way not to mention it was very similar to the design of iOS 7.

One new feature is that you need the phone number only to talk to a person who also has the Facebook Messenger installed, even if it is not in your contact list. To find out which of your friends have the app installed, simply look for a small blue icon next to the contact’s avatar.

There are three main screens that can be accessed by the upper buttons or swiping the screen. The left button shows the message history, the right button is the settings and the middle displays the friends list, divided into two parts: those who have the application installed and who is online on the Facebook site.

The new version is beautiful, but is this really enough to attract those who prefer competitors messengers like WhatsApp?

Facebook has begun to upgrade release the new version for a limited number of users. There is still no date for the news to reach everyone.