The Maxi Dress of Hillary Clinton

That lazy day yummy in that we can sit on the couch, eat popcorn/pizza/Brigadier/insert-here-to-your-indulgence-Sunday-dining and tweak the internet for inspiration to start the week with positive energy among us (actually it’s coming at the end, but disguises). I wanted to start this post by saying that I loved the comments that I received last week, especially those related to the advertisement of a Brillo pad. You’re absolutely right. While brands keep thinking that cleaning is the sole and exclusive responsibility of women, things will never change.

I think this is the biggest difference from when I took part in this campaign there in 2013. At that time, the commercials summoned men to participate of the household chores and take a bit of work that always falls on our backs, rather than simply assume this is the role of women and ready. A shame, but I think the campaign this year was a step behind, but anyway, I hope they pick up a nice speech focusing on task sharing.

That said, let’s talk about what happened this week!

About Equal Pay For Men And Women

Here in the US presidential race is in full swing. This week, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate, was in Las Vegas where he spoke about his goals in the campaign and heard questions from the public. The best questions came from a little girl:

In the video, she asks the candidate if she will receive the same salary from an American President. Hillary responds that this is one of the few jobs in which men and women are required to make the same thing, but points out that there are still so many jobs that still hasn’t happened. And, so, as President, she will fight for all women, in all jobs to earn wages equal to those of men who perform the same function. You go, girl!

About Fast X Slow Fashion

Just read the UASZ during 10 minutes to know that I am crazy fan Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller. Is that in addition to super stylish, I love the things she writes.

This week she wrote about something that’s making me wondering for a while: fast fashion worth?

In the column, Leandra talks about how he started thinking about it after we had to play a t-shirt from Zara out after only a year of use. The Sissy was so battered that she couldn’t even pass along.

She paid 9.90 bucks for this is to be expected that she won’t last forever. But the experience made her think: shouldn’t be a business with which we have a relationship a bit longer? We’re not talking about perishable things like a lettuce that you buy at the fair and have to eat in the same week. Clothes shouldn’t ruin. Here at allcitycodes you can get more different models and styles.

I add yet another point for discussion. With all the information that has been produced about the connection between fast fashion brands and production processes absolutely unethical, it’s hard to enter in one of the shops and not feel guilty.

Leandra solution is buy less, but invest in a little more expensive, but more quality. Yes, she recognizes that it is the fashion industry itself (of which she is a part) that created this crazy dynamics we need to always have more. Behold, appears before us the possibility to break the vicious cycle and establish a new way of consuming sets. Seems to make perfect sense. But what in practice? Can we do it? Y’all think?

About The Worst Possible Use For Photoshop

A Facebook page called Project Harpoon (Harpoon) has Photoshopped in pictures of celebrities to make them look thinner.

Women like model and web celebrity Tess Holiday, the actresses Melissa McCartney and Rebel Wilson and singer Meghan Trainor (all strong of activists rigid standards of beauty imposed by current media) appear in original photos and completely altered versions.

The captions accompanying the mounts are especially vicious. In one of them, the page says:

“Meghan Trainor would be more popular if she really was how the industry wants it to be. No “all about that bass”, huh? ”

And complete with the hashtag #THinnerBeauty (skinny beauty).

According to the profile, they are only encouraging a healthier lifestyle and the photos serve as targets and incentives for women there depicted.

After numerous complaints, the page was recently banned from Facebook, but is still working at Twitter (including the illustration of a whale as profile photo).

About The Babysitter

Much talk in recent weeks about the supposed separation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Gisele and Tom Brady. If you talked about that gave me a lazy crazy. But what really annoyed me was hearing phrases like: “also, who is crazy to get a babysitter cat/hot indoors?” or “this babysitter is a piranha! Must have been seducing the guy.”

Well, this text here which was published on the website of Glamour sums up my feelings on this subject.

Okay, do we? Already has subject for people fighting all week! I await your comments and opinions!