The LG Mini G2 Follows The Trend of The ‘Mini’ Models

In the past we have seen many examples of what manufacturers understand as a ‘Mini’ model: a twin of the original but resized model smaller and worst features. Any manufacturer has gone out of line, but it never ceases to be a mere exception. Now add one more to that list, of which reduce the size and also the specifications: is the LG Mini G2.

Still not made it official, but we are confident that the Korean manufacturer present it at MWC in Barcelona in the coming week. LG G2 in miniature, based on a 4.7 inch screen (instead of the original smartphone 5.2) with 960 x 540 pixels and 232 ppp, a four core processor at 1.2 GHz. (the model, is not yet known expected will be a Snapdragon) and 1 GB of RAM. All specifications are reduced with respect to which they know the original G2, although as expected stands design and with other features.

Detail of the physical buttons on the LG G2

We talk about, how not, of back physical buttons that they will continue to exist and remain one of the differentiating G2 family reasons. As we saw in the analysis of the original model is an interesting alternative to release screen and the sides of physical controls, and incidentally also provide an input method that often can be more convenient.

As we said LG Mini G2 is not official, and in view of the few days remaining to the start of the Mobile World Congress is likely that LG will present it in Barcelona. Your event is scheduled for this Sunday, February 23 at 13:00, and we’ll be there to tell you everything first-hand.