The Home Birth – the Baby Comes Home to the World

In addition to the birth of the clinic or even the birth in a birth House, there is the possibility of a home birth, so the birth at home in your own four walls – because for some parents it is clear: the baby should be born at home.

However it is a few key points to keep in mind – not always a home birth in question comes.

The familial atmosphere to be disturbed as little as possible, the birth as a natural process is integrated in the normal environment. The focus is the birth as a familiar and intimate event.

These parents rely on the functioning of the natural, rely on self determination about what is happening and see no reason to go to a hospital. Finally, no one is sick, is their argument. Is the home birth sheer carelessness or an acceptable pregnant sweatpants?

How secure is the home birth?

Statistics show a good quality obstetrics also outside the clinic. Alone is now mostly good framework conditions:

  • good hygienic conditions in most households
  • physically fit pregnant women due to good quality nutrition and optimal medical primary care
  • high level of awareness about birth events and good preparation
  • cooperative and trusting co-operation between midwives and parents who know each other from pregnancy
  • high level of training of midwives
  • quick access to a clinic due to good infrastructure
  • extensive medical facilities of midwives
  • many home birth midwives work together, so that is one can take care of the mother, the other to the child

And yet must honestly be warned on the risk, because in rare cases can cause unforeseen situations, who are at home not to get into the handle. A transfer to the nearest clinic costs then precious minutes that can be possibly vital. Therefore, parents who opt for a home birth, must be prepared to take this risk with all its consequences. If you’re planning a home birth, should assess also realistically are. The expectant mother must be ready off the birth without significant pain relievers such as such as a PDA or to hold out. Also, the pregnant woman can deal with the possible disappointment if the events from the living room to a clinic must be laid and ends may still in the operating room.

Risk-pregnant women should – better exclude at all understanding for the desire after, homely feel – this variant for itself. These include, for example, all women with not inconsiderable General diseases (E.g. diabetes mellitus), pregnant with multiples or even a baby who is in breech , Vielgebärende (from the 4th child), also smokers, women scraping or women with pelvic anomalies. Any responsible midwife will investigate before a home birth in detail or ask – that serves your safety as well as your child’s.

The selection of the home birth midwife

Choosing a midwife for the birth of House – called also home birth midwife – is not only a matter of sympathy, but above all a matter of trust. It sure speaks for the midwife if she decides in doubt to recommend a hospital birth the woman. Parents have the right, before all the essentials to say to, about, whether the midwife add Gets a second colleague or whether it works with a doctor, who is at all times in case of need.

Of course, today no midwife just with scissors and Twine in the bag to a birth will come.

But she brought oxygen, for example, in case of necessity, to give the baby a medical Startup Repair? Do not hesitate to check all the things that you are close to the heart. It is important that you feel confident, because only then can indulge yourself throughout the birth scene. Who has doubts, is at home most likely not well taken, because fear will arise during labor . Therefore, many midwives take only the pairs to the home birth without if and but stand behind their decision.

In preliminary talks, the midwife will enlighten the pair about risks and to sign the agreement in the home birth by the parents. Because parents must bear the risk, they decide independently. Fortunately there are only rarely to dramatic incidents. Often difficulties announce namely in time himself, and then the midwife will accompany the parents in a timely manner and without stress in a hospital. To avoid disappointment, you clarify beforehand whether the midwife passes the pregnant woman in the delivery room team or whether she continue care despite the change of venue the birth.

Alternatives to a clinic or home birth

The proportion of children who come to the world in a doctor’s Office is very low. / The doctor/doctor is in this case at birth and works with a professional midwife, he calls for giving birth to.

Birth home births are more common however. These facilities are much smaller than the maternity departments of a hospital. You have the goal to respond individually to every woman want to accompany them holistically through pregnancy, birth and puerperium Not only the range varies in the individual birth houses, but also the organizational structures: some work in cooperation with physicians, in others only midwives.

A caesarean section is possible in the few houses of the birth, in some contrast, a rapid termination of a birth by means of vacuum extractor or forceps. There are also large variations in costs, which come up to the parents. Detailed inquiries about the eligible institutions are with the security aspect in the foreground here recommended. So it is, for example, important to know how the cooperation with the surrounding hospitals is regulated, if something is not running.