The History of Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoe

It is a style of elegant considered closed shoe. They are made usually in leather or Suede, although there are designs with synthetic materials that try to imitate them. They have traditionally been flat-soled shoes. Although the design of the shoe is usually smooth, sometimes you can include some type of embellishments, such as stitching along the top. Although they are usually black or Brown, there are also models that are Duotone and that combine black with white or any other color. It attaches with straps that pass through five or six pairs of holes.

The History of Oxford Shoes

Why are they called Oxfords?

They originally appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where were also called Balmorals, to the castle of the Queen of Scotland, called Balmoral reference. This type of footwear was great success at the University of Oxford in the 19th century, in the form of booty. Its wide acceptance in this University is perhaps due to its versatility, since this model can be manufactured in a variety of leathers suitable for different situations, ranging from formal shoes patent leather used at night for chances to tag up to day shoes.

Types of Oxford Shoes:

Smooth shoes: without any ornamentation.

Legate: with stippling in the seams.

Semi brogue: with stippling in the seams and the toe of the shoe.

Full-brogue: present dotted with drawings at the tip and on the wings.

For different occasions:

Suede or leather dotted styles, as well as coffee or beige color are those who are considered less formal. Black leather shoes are those deemed appropriate for clothing label, being considered suitable to be combined with morning dress, Tuxedo or frac.

Furs and exotic colors:

Within Oxford shoes styles you can find occasionally some shoes of colors and exotic skins like, for example, the colors neon or crocodile skins. There is also a variation in clear fabric used to warmer places

Different names

In the United States they may refer to the Oxfords as bal-type, while in France the Oxford are known by the name of Richelieu.

Difference between Oxfords and Derbys

The main difference between classical shoes Derby, which are also considered to be dress up and the Oxford is the Oxford on Grommets are supposed that they are to join the two top tabs shore with shore, while the Derby left an intermediate space between tissue that form loops (see image here).

The oxfords Womens

Currently shoes oxfords, be exclusively male, has been also feminine taste, by what have been adapted to its female version, either with a little heel, more stylish, more feminine colors, but always preserving that masculine touch that gives the seams and ties that characterize them.

Hyper-comfortable oxfords

Signature Cole Haan has reinvented this style together with the signing of Nike athletic shoes to make this style, both for men and women, with a sole as comfortable as the tennis shoe, but in a version more than clothing.

Oxfords and celebrities

In the 80s Michael Jackson popularized them shoes oxford to use them in a white version with a black tip, while; American presenter Ellen de generate has also used them over the decades and part of his label has made them to dress.

Today we have seen celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selma Blair, Katie Holmes, Beyonce and Rihanna, among many others, use them in a variety of styles.

How to use them?

You can use style boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans coat, dress shorts or shorts more relaxed. They can also be the counterweight to a slight feminine dress.