The Halogen Spotlight

Originally, the spots were used to illuminate and highlight the actors on a theater stage and then at the cinema. In your home, the use of halogen spotlights with their beautiful bright and warm light, will allow you a real staging of light.

Why And How To Use A Halogen Spotlight?

To date, the halogen bulb is the one that gives the best brightness with the best color rendering. It is therefore very interesting to use it in order to illuminate all the places where you need a good luminosity. The advantage of the spot is to give a precise, localized and orientable light beam . You can therefore direct this light beamprecisely there you have the utility.

The halogen spotlight will be useful to illuminate the worktop in the kitchen or above the dining room table for example. But, preferably, book this type of lighting to large rooms and places where you most need light. Because the disadvantage of the halogen spotlight is its power consumption. Although economic halogen bulbs are less greedy, they are classified into categories C .

However, there is an alternative with very low voltage halogen (TBT), which offers all the advantages of halogen operating on 230 V but with a lower power consumption than it uses the 12 V. However, it requires the installation of A transformer.

Different Types Of Halogen Spotlights

There are different models of halogen spotlights that you can choose according to the place of use and its use or to the sandstone of your desires.

Thus the spotlight halogen on slide or ceiling will serve for a main lighting. It comes in the form of 3 or 4 spotlights installed on a slender rule or a round, triangular, square ceiling, etc. A single electrical connection is sufficient, which is why it is placed in general lighting on the ceiling. But each spot is orientable, you have to position them to the best of your needs.

More original the halogen track spotlight allows you to create a path of light from one end to the other of a room. The rail is fixed to the ceiling according to the shape you want to give it, U-shaped, V-shaped, in-line, zig-zag, and you have the spotlights to light on one side a table, on the other the seating area.

Equally design but less modular, the halogen spotlight on cablegives you a nice light but as the spots are fixed on two cables stretched from one wall to the other, you can then only follow the straight line.

The wall-mounted halogen spotlight is a decorative element to give light in a corridor, a staircase or to highlight a niche in a wall.

The built-in halogen spotlight will give you direct light in all discretion since as the name suggests, it hides in a ceiling, a wall, see a piece of furniture. But do not forget to insert the safety rules concerning the use of a halogen bulb.

Precautions For Use Of The Halogen Spotlight

It should never be forgotten that a halogen lamp heats up . At the base, this remains an incandescent lamp whose filament of tungsten is incandescent in a bulb of quartz glass filled with halogenated gases under pressure. Due to their design, all these types of bulbs emit heat.

You need to be more careful if you want to install your halogen spotlights in a false ceiling or embed them in a wall. It is imperative to check which materials are insulation. Plaster boards and glass or rock wool are non-flammable. You can safely install your spotlights.If, on the other hand, you find chipboards, honeycomb partitions in combination with polystyrene, be careful. The polystyrene must be removed around the recessing holes of the spots.

Ideally, allow a 10 cm recess between the ceiling or wall itself and the cladding where the spots will be embedded. The heat can escape without the risk of fire.

Also, never point a halogen spotlight at a flammable material such as a curtain or curtain.