The Galaxy Note 2 Would Be Presented at The IFA, 2012, to End of August, with Up to 13 Megapixels Camera

Last week we saw as from GSMarena gave unveiled a so-called screen 5.5 inch, confirmed, and a design based on the Galaxy SIII, which could appear in September. As well, this date could have been ahead, again.

And is that MK News from the already famous Korean Journal claim that Samsung could reveal the Galaxy Note 2 at the end of August, during the cycle of conferences IFA, Berlin, where already was the original Galaxy Note unveiled last year. This year will be held from August 31 to September 5, 2012, and in the case of one of the biggest fairs of the world consumer electronics.

Thus and citing a supposed source familiar to the subject: “ the new model will definitely come with a screen of 5.5 inches, but it is not yet clear what other features will include & #8221;.

But despite their denial of knowledge of other features, there have also been references to the camera and the screen, denying the possibility of unbreakable screens Samsung has in the kitchen:

“ Also speaks of an improvement in resolution camera to 12.0, or 13.0 megapixels, from the current 8 megapixels, but this may vary depending on other factors. Either way, not released new screens flexible and unbreakable UBP technology – of unbreakeable plane, in English. UBP will start to be applied in subsequent releases & #8221;.

Remember that features that are expected, and which have not been confirmed yet, for this phone have a memory 1.5 GB RAM and a processor dual – core Exynos 5250, the new generation of Samsung Exynos 5 processors, architecture Cortex A-15 in the fork 1.8-2 GHz, or a Exynos 4 Quad, similar to the Galaxy SIII. And of course the new version of the operating system from Google, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

At the moment, while the Korean journal is already known for this type of revelations, it will take at the end of August out completely of doubt. Meanwhile, we are sure that rumors and leaks like these there are no to excite some and bore others.