The Galaxy Nexus Is Sold from Tomorrow with Vodafone Exclusively on Facebook

Today has been presented in Spain new Galaxy Nexus, the last terminal born of the collaboration between Google and Samsung, and that it will debut the most ambitious version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.

We already know that it will be sold with Vodafone, we know the prices and virtually every detail, even though not specified When to begin your sale. We now have information about this last, and more than one will bring a joy.

The new Galaxy Nexus will be sold from tomorrow, for which Vodafone will enable an application of exclusive sale on its Facebook page official. This sale will be available for portability and redemption of points, and it seems that it will be enabled throughout the morning.

In addition, the Friday day 2 December will perform some demo days in stores Vodafone from Goya Street in Madrid and Portal de l’ Àngel in Barcelona, where the first 100 customers who buy it will enjoy of a discount of €50 in the price, both for new high, portability, migration or points of contract.

All customers who come to these demos will also enter in the drawing for a 32-inch Samsung TV, but to opt for the TV we will need to wait for the draw is made “in situ”.

Surely more than one is already preparing the wallet and the F5 key of your computer. Do we eat tomorrow ice cream sandwich?