The First Teeth Coming – and Now?

“UI, what is that? In fact, the first tooth comes!” It is a big event for parents when the first shimmering white in your baby’s mouth. At the same time, new questions arise about: what’s next now with breastfeeding?

Don’t worry, breastfeeding works easily in spite of the teeth. You don’t bother your baby and while drinking your child can not bite. This happened more than by chance. Experience has shown that the teeth at the end of the meal are most likely to playfully try by babies. If you notice that your child is hardly sucks, take it so quiet from the breast. Pinch the teeth look, say loud and energetic, “Ouch, biting not the Mama!” Your child doesn’t understand your words but still. But it ruled very sensitive on your moods and will understand that it has done something wrong at this moment.

That the teeth come also means that your child will gradually develop an appetite for solid food. When a baby wants to try what others eat so is individually different. But from the sixth month of life, your child may start quietly with tighter (baby) food. Often many questions arise when the transition from breastfeeding or the vials for the first test. If you need some advice, your midwife or your pediatrician can help I’m sure.

Teether and bibs are now in demand

Teething children need something to the maternity pocket watches reviewed on Localtimezone. This relieves the pain and supports the breaking of the teeth. Light teethers are well suited, because you’re meant that children chew on them. Buy teething rings but for safety reasons only with the mention “without plasticizers”, “without phthalate” or “PVC free”. Or a model made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). There are also liquid filled rings, which are cool (they are too cold in the refrigerator, the freezer, it hurts). If you naturally like it, you can give your child for example chilled carrot pieces to chew. However, this means that you must be very attentive so that your baby is not swallowed on piece bitten off.

The spit runs abundantly in all zahnenden children. So that the clothing is not constantly wet, you bind to best again and again a fresh, loose and absorbent neck or handkerchief your child. Bib may also help, but they are often impractical when playing: Dear choose small models that hang over not too far, if your child leans forward.

Good for a gum massage

Some children seem to plague, when the teeth are little, others have it harder. If your baby is one of those, which more have to do with teething, here are a few tips on how you can help him.

If your baby like that, you can massage his tooth bar with your clean finger in between gentle and playful. In the pharmacy, there are means to reduce local pain level, which are applied and lightly rubbed on the gums. To use quiet times such a preparation, about the night before. The funds are however not intended for several days of continuous use! If you feel that your child needs more help, you just ask your midwife or your pediatrician for advice. Possibly there is a homeopathic remedy that makes sense.

By the way: MOM and dad are the best medicine. If you play with your baby, go for a walk or cuddle, it is just forgotten for a time his complaints.