The Final Tail Light

The back light is always a problem for the bikers, great most if not all of the lights that are on the market are attached to the stem with plastic clips that over time or as a result of falls and others end up being replaced by cable ties.

The sabemso implications all rotated lights lights we brush the tire or lights lost, or lights in a drawer to have we broken the support thereof, a classic for cyclists…

Homemade inventions of lights are often those that work best and this is what we show below is a light system developed by a group of friends who have made it known through forum mtb and one page web the final tail light, this light is a system of LEDs integrated in own seat with battery and switch.
ES system is completely hidden under the seat it is waterproof and the switch is useful for operable while pedaling, as there are multiple types of saddle in a better is that in others, nothing like testing.

System is quite simple to install, sell it for approximately 15 euros and shipped to delivery if you are interested is nothing like contacting them at our site images and movies of the system show it has a luminosity idonea to be seen in the traffic avoiding the problems mentioned earlier. No doubt a witty and interesting set of lights.