The Fashion of Decades

There was a time when the fashion was limited to a few pieces of similar clothes. Today we can find both a polka-dot dress there 50 years as the last dress launched at São Paulo Fashion Week at the same store. Bandoleers, high waist pants, brightness, transparency. It seems that nothing else is tacky. The only thing you have to have is good taste not to overdo it on the look.

All this variety that we have today in the world of fashion emerged over the decades.Currently a woman can wear a skirt and a blouse most modern hippie without problems. And it is precisely this mixture of pieces that make the current fashion day to be so rich and limitless.

What can be noted when comparing the old-fashioned way with the most current is that only parts are going to be modifying over time; are being adapted as dictates the most famous fashion shows. Others, however, are found today with the same design and features of the previous decades, without any change. In the matter of today, we’re going to talk about the trend of the past decades, and show how the dressing style of each season comes influencing our way of dressing until today (and probably will continue influencing).

Fashion in the 50

On radio he played Elvis Presley, to the delight of women. At the time, there was a mixture of innocence and sensuality, features represented by Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, divas that are the major inspirations of the pin-ups. The waist of the women, in General, were well demarcated, with a lot of dresses shot to give balance to the sound of rock and roll. Polka-dot dresses and fashion high school (sportswear) were also high at the time. Men fell into the leather and velvet Blazers with vivid colors. The jeans was also popularized at the time. Here are some pictures of the sets in the 50:

Fashion in the 60

When we talk about fashion/we’re talking mini skirt. The use of the play meant a victory for women, who over the decades have fought to be free and equal to men in rights. So, short dresses have also made the head of the girls the years 60, as well as the slimsuits, like the the Beatles wore, were the menswear. Here are some pictures of the sets in the 60:

Sets in the 70

Many colors, transparency, fringes, braids , leather and sparkle. The time of the transgression and hippie culture borrowed a multitude of innovations to the world of fashion, because to worship free speech, also revered freedom to wear whatever he wants. Women generally wore long skirts and colorful and they both as men also wore jeans and blouses with fringes. Here are some pictures of the sets in the 70:

Fashion in the 80

Woodstock 69 songs gave way to a more lively, danceable music. With that, the fashion of the 80 also ended up following the disco style. Women preferred lycra leggings and waistlines marked with belts. The men were wearing mullets on hair and clothes with striking colors, decades later considered tacky by fashion designers. Here are some pictures of fashion in the 80:

Fashion in the 90

Was marked by neutral colors, with lots of jeans, plaid print and black pencil in the eye.The sensuality and the fancy colors of the previous decades were left behind and gave way to straight cuts and the more comfortable parts. The music of the moment was thegrunge style led by the bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam. see below some pictures of the sets in the 90: