The Current Smart Phone Market from a Woman’s View

Mobile phone manufacturers have at the moment more men as a target group in the eye
For some time I am looking for a successor for my iPhone 4. After all, a year is already long for someone whose mobile phones otherwise changes as underwear and since the AppleKeynote was rather a purge (I am not really irritating the iPhone 4S now), I’m looking for alternatives. At the moment it looks on the smart phone market for women who are looking for a visually appealing and powerful smart phone rather mau, because the forms speak rather men and the displays seem to grow from week to week. Do you remember the time when mobile phones were built smaller and smaller? The smaller the better, the flatter the more chic. I can remember that I have long refused me a smart phone because I found this simply way too big. While I now consider the 3.5 inch of my iPhone as appropriate, but I look at the trend toward 5-inch displays with skepticism.
I think the trend started about the appearance of the HTC Sensation (which I think is already too big for women’s hands) and so far, there seems to be no end to the huge displays in sight.But let us start in the front, in the small cell phones.

The smallest mobile phone in the world
In my search for the smallest mobile phone in the world, I have not come to any definite result, however, the Xun Chi 138 with its 70 mm and 55 grams is just as big as a standard AA battery and yet a touch screen, Is clearly one of the pioneers of the smallest mobile phones in the world.

The most expensive smallest cell phone in the world is probably the “My Dior” which also comes with 70 mm, but weighs only 25 grams (but works only in connection with his big brother “Dior Phone”, which is not allowed to remove more than 10 m ) And for sluggish 16,000 euros can be acquired.

The current largest mobile phone
The question about the current largest smart phone is relatively simple to answer: The Samsung Galaxy Note which has a display in the giant format of 5.3 inches. But the list of over 4-inch smart phones can be endlessly ending up as, for example, HTC Sensation XL, Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S2 just to name the most current fellow players on the smart phone market. You can find a detailed list at

My opinion
Personally as a technology fan it is very unfortunate that currently all mobile phones with technical top equipment are built in huge formats and thus fall for me as an object of desire.Most smart phones can not be operated with one hand for me and this is thus a criterion for withdrawal. Furthermore, for me is missing in the current top devices also the small “cute” factor, which for me as a woman is already important with a smart phone. I have no desire to march through the area with a huge square log. The current development of smart phones by the market leaders is clearly designed for the male target group and I hope that soon there will finally be a rethinking and smart phones again with top equipment, top processing (please no plastic scrap), optimal size AND top technology , So that the women’s market is again served. Although the Samsung Galxy S2 is now also offered in Pink, is in my opinion but a rather lax try to address the women’s target group. Color is not everything. High quality workmanship is not missing and a nice user interface would be quite nice.

The Galaxy Note has opened a new product category in which probably a few competitors are likely to fumble, especially in the business area, these devices are likely to find their application. The display giant delusion will be slowed for “normal” smart phones for the Otto normal consumer probably again. For display sizes over 3.5 inches, however, we women must get used to us, because there are already rumors that the iPhone 5 is equipped with 4 inches.

Of course, there are now also a few smart phones in the middle class segment, which also appeal to women. But I want a mobile phone of the top class, which simply looks beautiful.Therefore, only to wait what the year 2012 brings, but actually I’m quite confident. At some point the women have to turn again;).

Finally, you can take still pictures and filmed quiet
That you can take pictures with the Apple iPhone 4 and the iPod touch for some time synonymous, probably know 99.9% of the users and a lot of the feature synonymous. You also have to stand, that the built camera in the Apple iPhone 4 or 4S good pictures makes. The fact that the images in low light conditions can not compare with those of a real compact camera or even DSLR , should be clear. But did not you ever bother with this impossible handling when shooting photographs or filming? Always this complicated touch-screen of the display-and saddle was the picture synonymous already shaky. What was replaced with mobile phones-meanwhile largely by smart phones-long course and Gebe, namely the putting a trigger on a flank of the device, is missing from Apple. You know the reason: The fewer buttons on a device, the better. It took a long time, but at some point a manufacturer came up with the idea of ​​finally giving an annoying user an accessory product in the end, in order to finally get the feeling that you can take pictures like a digicam without great camera shake or recordings. Does the Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip relieve us of all our worries?
Well over 8,000 iPhone apps can be found in the App Store in the category Photo & Video and there will be more daily. In addition to Apple’s own camera app, Instagram orKingscamera are the most popular applications on many iOS devices. No matter how many features, filters or editing options the apps bring, the actual problem with recording with iPhone and iPod touch can not solve them-recording itself. Here, Belkin discovered the favor of the hour and brought the LiveAction Camera Grip on the market some time ago. As we recently raffled three of them on the Facebook fanpage as part of our “Happy” campaign, I took the opportunity to test the product myself.

If you open the packaging, you do not find much in it – next to the LiveAction Camera Grip actually only the manual. The device itself makes a surprisingly good, stable impression, which one might not have guessed at first glance due to the material. In addition to the 30-pin dock connector, there are two buttons for photo and video recording on the top, a 0.6 cm tripod thread on the bottom and two very sturdy spring arms, which can be used on iPhone and iPod also with the Most protective covers. This allows you to use a slightly thicker case without problems, as the two spring arms can be pulled out about 1 cm.

The two buttons for photo and / or film recordings are in my opinion a brilliant, since you always had to switch on the display, depending on whether you just want to film or photograph. If you do not look closely, instead of a photo so synonymous quickly a new video recording, which is very annoying. To avoid compatibility problems, Belkin decided to develop its own app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store ( Belkin LiveAction ). Once this is installed, you only need to connect the Camera Grip and the app is automatically started, so you can go without circumvent. The app itself does not offer any filter possibilities to miss a different mood, but it has its own gallery as well as the possibility to post the pictures directly on its Facebook profile or send it by e-mail.

Ask yourself why other manufacturers have not come up with the idea, but the Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip improves the comfort of photography and filming with the iPhone or iPod. Thanks to the flexible spring arms, only the thickest sleeves have to be removed from the unit before you can dock the camera grip. The two buttons for photo or film recordings make the annoying switching on the display superfluous and the tripod thread has been thought as well, so that a quiet concert recording at warmer temperatures at the river Elbe nothing stands in the way. Only the dimensions (75 x 50 x 30 mm) carry a little thick in the pocket, from what you want to do, if Apple quasi pretends. Of course, a narrow version would have been possible without a problem, but then on the one hand the usability and robustness of the product itself would suffer.

And the price? Currently, the Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip with us in the Webshop costs39.90 euros. What may appear expensive at first glance becomes understandable when you hold the device in your hands and enjoy the first time comfortable operation when shooting or shooting with iPhone and iPod touch. For me a real must-have.