The Compagnon Medium Messenger Dark Bag

Mails get where to thank user and emphasize that they landed in a particular case because of us, we feel “kinda guilty” and on the other hand, very happy, on the one hand because we know that we have helped a user to buy something useful and perhaps put an end to the search to have. So also in the mail by Marco Blum, we a few weeks ago. Marco writes in his mail to the compagnon medium Messenger dark brown :

Hello you two.

I would like to once again thank you. By style pirate I am become aware of on the Messenger of compagnon and landed about the search after theMedium then on your page. I devoured everything about compagnon with you. Thank you for your blog.

As written in the comments, she arrived today. The dark brown is even brighter than the promotional images and videos, but still really nice.Perhaps it is still dark. To the quality I have to write anything, you have described yourself your experience in detail. Simply brilliant. The price is high, but it is absolutely justified. I love to support good ideas and products that are produced with passion. To the can I also contribute is still not much writing, but compared to my other bags, now already much more pleasant. It just feels great about. And! The first case, the at the turn off not topple! Super. Already an absolute because for all undecided. Latest Christmas will I treat me then still small , to be prepared just before the door. Even if I use the little “only” as a shoulder bag for normal things. If I make it to Christmas, I doubt arg.

Like I will send you photos. However you are just short on the table and shot no frills only with the IPhone. Hope that’s enough. Otherwise you have to wait. The second Nikon is in Düsseldorf for inspection and cleaning.

To the content of the Medium:

Nikon D750 with the Nikon AF-S 35 mm 1.8 G ED

Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f4 ED VR Nikon RT-1

Nikon AF-S 24-120mm f4 ED VR

Nikon AF-S 85mm 1.8 G

Nikon AF 50mm 1.4 d

Nikon SB 800

2 x Nikon EN-EL 15 battery

2 pieces Enloop AA batteries

USB cable

Apple IPad mini 4

Apple iPhone 6
(not on the images. Thus, the pictures were taken)

Giottos Rocket-Air Super, blower

Nikon cleaning kit

Protection box for 8 SD card memory cards

Weekview date planner with a ballpoint pen

Micro Fiber cloth


Truly amazing what there all space is. Yet comfortable to wear and nothing is jammed.

I’m still truly excited to see what will fit in the little .

Did you experience with beeswax from compagnon? So a great bag must also be maintained and I do not necessarily want to try an unknown product.

If compagnon now is still a hand strap (similar to the Nikon or spider) produced in the quality of the bag, I’m perfectly happy.

Many dear greetings.


Here are the pictures.

Thank you Dear Marco for your report, your love text and your pictures from this truly brilliant bag. Here at IAMACCEPTED you can get more different models and styles. Our us at many events and weddings accompanied makes always a”good figure” in the job. The wax is good for the leather, with a healthy patina of the bag does not harm our opinion.