The Brief History of Tennis

Tennis. Now a sport for all, previously meant for the elite. On the origins of the popular sport. Every sport has its history. Take football. Experts talk to each other about the origin are constantly against, but an often repeated story comes from Scandinavia. In the distant past vechtlustigen kicked each other head on a recently killed opponents.


The medieval racquet sports M was particularly popular in rural areas. In the absence of rules degenerated into violence and a game often benefit incited players to manage in conjunction with their opponents.

Tennis: simplified pelota

In tennis, the origin and history less ominous. In early 1874 Major Wingfield patents on its own to set the lawn tennis set. He presented it as a simplified form of pelota and sold it under the name of sphairistiké, the ancient Greek word for the match. The origins of tennis game is in France. Already in the eleventh century as pelota Jeu de Paume played: one was with the Palm of the hand over and struck again with her stuffed the ball. The game was popular among the nobility. Then soon spread to Europe.

Philip the fair

Philip the fair, Lord of the Netherlands, is regarded in the Netherlands as the one that was around 1500 as the first proud owner of a real tennis racket. That same year he put a tennis court in the yard just behind the Hall of Knights. Where even today many plays, even if other games.

The Hague; Cradle Dutch tennis

Hague sees itself given this history as well as the birthplace of the Dutch tennis. In addition to the only job in the Hague had the seaside resort of Scheveningen in the late nineteenth century to get the scoop first tennis in the country. Strangely, not in any way. The rich actually enjoyed themselves often at sea since the posh hotels, the musical theatres and the Casino? s was established. Tennis fits perfectly into that. By the way, went in different form than now. A tennis party was not just a sporting event without a social event where food and drink were an important part.

Women also

Another social factor is that tennis is one of the first exercise was that women were also involved.Partly under the influence of tennis would be uncomfortable tight women’s fashion of the upper-class district slightly shorter skirts.