The Birth of the Clinic – the Baby Is Born in the Clinic

In Germany, the most babies in a hospital see the light of day. The decision as to the choice of the place of birth for your child isn’t easy for many expectant parents. Terms such as unnecessary routine measures, cold technology, anonymity, shift or even tampering with the natural course of sometimes appear too “cold” let the birth in a hospital.

On the other hand, nonsensical horror stories of dying mothers and babies in the context of home births are circulating. It uses little to stir up such panic makers against one or the other. Thus we see here once more the birth of the clinic.

The birth in the hospital or clinic

The greatest possible safety for mother and child wish for most couples and opt for a birth in a hospital. You know, there are a medical team as well as modern technology available for emergencies.

The recollection of the birth as a natural process, as well as the commitment of many midwives and doctors/e have resulted in unnecessary routine activities such as shaving the pubic hair or even programmed births now belong to the past. Also competition thought of the hospitals due to falling birth rates with a reason that more and more to the wishes of parents – discusses the possibility of water birth to the hotel atmosphere the worker station are safe. All of this makes the clinic for many parents so interesting: natural births in itself selected bear position or bear keeping in a pleasant atmosphere are here coupled with maximum security.

The objection one “impersonal services” in a hospital can be sure not to generalize. For pregnancy underwear, check out As in any other profession, there are differences in the engagement with the midwives. But the majority of the employed midwives I know goes every day motivated and with great personal commitment to the needs of her and her partner.

It is also nice that the midwives have met many women before childbirth, and for example, in the antenatal classes, during registration for delivery, at the information evening for prospective parents, outpatient CTG controls, in part an inpatient treatment or at a previous childbirth. Also you can build quickly a trust-based relationship to a strange woman.

As the main fault point on a hospital birth, the shift is often called. However, the question whether a woman in labour prefer – asks a completely exhausted midwife next to or rather even a rested midwife who can bring a fresh breeze into the birth process arises.

Some women are afraid “perish” in the operation of the clinic. In fact, the midwife asked in the delivery room must parallel support sometimes several women and worry also about other things such as CTG controls, outpatient clinic or Office work. But she will be always to the point, if a woman really needs. Many houses have set up a reputation service, which also takes up the slack when needed. So, a good service is guaranteed.

Document midwives at the clinic

In some houses, it is possible to bring a midwife in the birth of “all on its own”. A midwife in such document you should care early in pregnancy , because in many places there is a great shortage of freelance midwives providing birth accompaniments. It is important to know that the midwife of the expectant parents may require a standby fee that must pay for them out of pocket. This is also justified, even from the perspective of parents, because they want a “private care”, on the other hand from the perspective of the midwife who is ready finally has many weeks around the clock for you. But nobody should stiffen up on “his own midwife”, because even these can fail due to illness or coincidentally just at one other childbirth.

The outpatient clinic birth

Despite all the embellishments and improvements in dealing with her, nursing mothers and their infants the idea uncomfortable some women, having to lie in a hospital. Here the outpatient birth is an optimal compromise, i.e. the child is born in the delivery room, and fine mother and child, you can a few hours later to go home. A professional midwife monitored the course of week bed for daily home visits. Applies also here: timely care of a midwife!

Clinics with attached children’s Hospital

Rarely, into consideration, parents in the choice of the place of birth the way include that just their child needs medical care at a children’s Hospital. So much the better, if the selected hospital has an affiliated children’s Hospital, then mother and child are separated in the event of a transfer of the baby only a few hundred metres and the mother can go at any time, as breastfeeding at about to their small treasure. For risk-pregnant women, about multiple parents, should the choice of such clinic in particular in the interest of the / children be granted.