The Birth – a Unique Experience

Thoroughly explain and understand hardly can the process of birth – this unique experience in a person’s life is so complex and wonderful, that makes it difficult to describe with words.

Medically the birthing process is through hormones and neurotransmitters and driven, but for any expectant mother, every father and for the newborn, birth is a unique adventure: A fireworks of emotions and a rollercoaster of pain and unprecedented feelings of happiness. Fear must not have woman in front of this unique experience of nature. Confidence in the abilities of your own body to help, however, each mother.

Nevertheless, with pregnancy underwear almost every pregnant woman knows the oppressive feeling that turns up when she thinks about the closer invading birth. Because the birth process you can not exercise, test, or learn. The mother must be guided by her body and her hormones. As childbirth, it is in the rare situation, is not against the physical operations to fight back. You have to try rather to let go and indulge in the process, so the birth goes well and all parties emerge healthy from it. But at the end of the road you get rewarded – with his baby, that through the birth of mother sees the light of day.

Deal with the birth

But until you can hold your own baby in arms, many mothers thinking come towards the end of pregnancy: how will the birth expire? Will everything be fine? What do I notice that it really starts? I’m with the pain? How do feel contractions actually? How long will the birth be? Can I trust my body? I may need painkillers? An episiotomy may need? And what exactly happens with my body?

Very understandable that you would like to inform as well as possible about the unknown that is before one. But many of the parents in pregnancy books and medical counselors, read get a fright. Know the names of the stages of birth sound forbidding: opening phase, transition, expulsion phase, afterbirth phase.

Please it not irritate you to leave, but gather as closely as you deem it necessary. Some parents feel safe, if you can understand the processes at each stage exactly. Other parents want the birth just to get and do not know how the individual phases of work. In the antenatal classes, learn all about the birth, and if you have any further questions, can clarify this in the conversation with the supervising midwife.

It is also interesting that wishes before birth and during birth can differ widely. Some mothers looking for a water birth. If the birth but then goes off, can some women can’t imagine, now to go into the water but prefer such as on the birth stool.

All information about calving, interventions at birth or occurring difficulties–leave not to frighten the info and images. The pictures show only the process itself, it can play back not the feelings and impressions of her. They’re only even in this situation, a small episiotomy, the cheese Goo on your child’s head or the amniotic fluid on your leg will be much less you, than you can imagine now.