The Best Tips for Combining Leather in Your Visual

That leather is a durable material and super tough, everyone knows. But what a lot of people still have doubt is how to combine leather with various types of looks. Jackets, backpacks and bracelets are essential to complement the look and leave you even more modern and stylish.

With the Add-ons, you can create versatile and modern productions using several types of leather goods. In this article, we will give some tips on how to combine the material with several productions, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Follow!

Combine different shades of leather goods

Many people end up dropping an article of leather because your color is not exactly the same as another piece of the production. It’s the old belief that the belt must match and be exactly the same color as the shoe. This idea, however, has already fallen to the ground.

Now, it is very common compormos productions in which the color of the bag is not necessarily the same as the belt or shoes. So, don’t be afraid to use that your backpack, black leather or beige bracelet, with shoes of other colors or shades.

But, if you still have fear in time to combine, the tip is to always use pieces of the same color, just different tones. A mix of Brown bracelets, in tones ranging from light to dark, is a great tip to complement the visual, for example.

Choose a stylish leather wallet

Despite being an accessory that is only seen when coming out of your pocket or purse, wallet should match your style. Stylish men and women must carry wallets. The same rule holds true for people with hip style and stripped. For them, these accessories can be more adventurous.

The interesting of the portfolios is that they do not need to be combined with other accessories that make up the look. This rule is valid because the function of the portfolios is exactly be useful and durable. So, if you have a black leather portfolio, it can be used at all times with any style.

Learn which style adopt

Style is a controversial concept. Some consider to be stylish is not following the regras fashion and create your own way of dressing. Others prefer to call this word to runway trends.

However, despite the differences, what counts is the maximum always associate the style to the occasion. Most casual situations, such as meetings with friends or ballads, accept a more stripped style. On the other hand, formal events, the form of dress should be compatible with the rules of etiquette.

Another tip is to avoid using formal accessories with other more casual. A leather jacket with many details, for example, doesn’t sit well with a more serious and sophisticated. This last should be combined with a serious production also.

Mix leather jackets with other parts

The leather jacket is usually a Joker in the wardrobe. It can be combined with various types of productions, since the jeans with a t-shirt, even the most elegant dress.

For this reason, it is essential that who’s got a jacket at home, learn combine it with other pieces of clothing. Some tips are important to guide the Assembly of looks.

The longer jacket that does not mark the waist, can be associated with Bermuda, skirts and shorts of different lengths. That’s because she won’t cut the silhouette and is still able to stretch it.

Already short jacket must be used on longer pieces, like pants, dresses or long shirts. Otherwise, the visual will be divided in blocks and will cause a disproportionate effect, which is not wanted.

From reading this article, you got into some style tips to combine leather goods. The classic look, the more irreverent, anyone can use jackets, wallets, bracelets and leather bags, without fear. If you liked this content, keep reading the blog articles of the Shrine.